A L Kennedy

(born 1965 - ) - Dundee

A L Kennedy

In 1993, A L Kennedy featured on a Granta list of Best Young British Novelists (along with such luminaries as Kazuo Ishiguro, Iain Banks, Hanif Kureishi, Ben Okri, and Alan Hollinghurst, to name but a few) and did not subsequently disappoint: her work has been consistently original, exciting and ground breaking.

Born Alison Louise Kennedy in Dundee in 1965, she attended school in Dundee before taking a degree in Theatre Studies and Drama at Warwick University. After a series of jobs, she began her writing career with the short story collection, Night Geometry and the Garscadden Trains, published by Polygon in 1991. That was followed up by a succession of highly-acclaimed novels and short story collections. Kennedy has recently been seen on the stage with a stand-up act: a brave move, as she is a writer who does not court the limelight willingly.


  • Cover scan of The Blue Book
    The Blue Book - Hardback
    Elizabeth Barber is crossing the Atlantic by liner with her perfectly adequate boyfriend, Derek, who might be planning to propose. In fleeing the UK temporarily, Elizabeth may also be in flight from her past and the charismatic Arthur, once her partner. But as the voyage progresses, Elizabeth's past is slowly revealed.
  • Cover scan of Day
    Day - Paperback
    Alfred Day wanted his war. In its turmoil he found his proper purpose as the tail-gunner in a Lancaster bomber; he found the wild, dark fellowship of his crew, and - most extraordinary of all - he found Joyce, a woman to love. But that's all gone now - the war took it away. Maybe it took him, too.
  • Cover scan of Everything You Need
    Everything You Need - Paperback
    Frustrated and appalled by his life and the way he lives it, Nathan Staples is sustained only by his passionate devotion for his estranged wife and teenage daughter. Nathan's path to becoming complete and alive again will be strewn with obstacles.
  • Cover scan of Looking For The Possible Dance
    Looking For The Possible Dance - Paperback
    A first novel which dissects the intricate difficulties of human relationships, from a Scotswoman's passionate attachment to her father and her more problematic involvement with her lover, to the wider social relations between pupil and teacher, employer and employee, individual and state.
  • Cover scan of Night Geometry And The Garscadden Trains
    Night Geometry And The Garscadden Trains - Paperback
    The heroes and heroines of this, A.L. Kennedy's first collection of stories, are small people. Often alone and sometimes lonely, her characters ponder the mysteries of sex and death - and the ability of public transport to affect our lives.
  • Cover scan of Now That You're Back
    Now That You're Back - Paperback
    Exposing and exploring the sinous undercurrents of violence, anguish and love the stories in this collection examine the nature of the individual, both in isolation and society.
  • Cover scan of On Bullfighting
    On Bullfighting - Paperback
    Sex and death are brought together in bullfighting. A man faces death while the crowd looks on, and so people are drawn to the arena to witness the ultimate spectator sport. Here A.L. Kennedy explores all the definitions: sport, art form, stylised torture.
  • Cover scan of Original Bliss
    Original Bliss - Paperback
    The stories brought together in Original Bliss are concerned with the complexities of sex, and the lack of it. In the novella that gives the book its title, a woman thinks that she has lost God, but it is simply love that she is missing.
  • Cover scan of Paradise
    Paradise - Paperback
    From the north-east of Scotland to Dublin, from London to Montreal, to Budapest and onwards, Hannah Luckraft travels beyond her limits, beyond herself, in search of the ultimate altered state: the one where she can be happy - her paradise.
  • Cover scan of So I Am Glad
    So I Am Glad - Paperback
    From the author of Now That You're Back, this is the story of a professional enunciator and announcer who thinks that behind the doors of the recording studio she is safe from the inconvenience of love and hate. But reality eventually breaks in.
  • Cover scan of What Becomes
    What Becomes - Hardback
    Always attuned to the moment of epiphany, these 12 stories are profound, intimate observations of men and women whose lives ache with possibility. Each story is a dramatisation of the instant in a life that exposes it all: love and the lack of love, hope and the lack of hope.

Books about A L Kennedy

  • Cover scan of A.L. Kennedy
    A.L. Kennedy - Kaye Mitchell - Paperback
    Kaye Mitchell provides students with a comprehensive introduction to Kennedy's work, placing her fiction and non-fiction in a clear historical and theoretical context.