Alanna Knight


Alanna Knight

Edinburgh-based crime writer Alanna Knight has written over forty novels since the publication of her award-winning debut Legend of the Loch in 1969. Born and educated in Tyneside, she now lives and writes in Edinburgh after a time in Aberdeen.

She is the creator of the Inspector Faro series of Victoria detective novels, which are set in Edinburgh around the 1870s. Knight also has a series of novels featuring Faro's daughter, Rose McQuinn, and has written a number of historical and gothic novels. She has also written for none-fiction books, numerous short stories, and two plays.

Alanna Knight is one of the three Femmes Fatales, and was a founding member of the Scottish Association of Writers. She is also an artist, and has created portraits of fellow Scottish authors. She has two sons and two grandchildren.

  • Cover scan of Burke & Hare
    Burke & Hare - Hardback
    Pocket-sized, these 'bloody histories' take a fresh look at notorious criminal cases, drawing on hard evidence from the National Archives and elsewhere. From murky alleyways to suburban streets, they present tales of murderers, victims and those who pursued them. This book focuses on Burke & Hare.
  • Cover scan of Deadly Legacy
    Deadly Legacy - Hardback
    Rose McQuinn has agreed to help her neighbour, Mrs Lawers, by delivering what she claims to be a family legacy to her only living relative. But Rose's philanthropic journey takes a turn towards the dangerous when she herself is attacked on a train and Mrs Lawers and her maid are found dead upon her return to Edinburgh.
  • Cover scan of Destroying Angel
    Destroying Angel - Paperback
    The autumn of 1897 began well, but within days Rose McQuinn loses two precious things - her fiancé, Jack Macmerry, and her elusive dog, Thane. Her stubborn refusal to give up her job as a Lady Detective lost her the man whose love she had taken for granted.
  • Cover scan of Ghost Walk
    Ghost Walk - Paperback
    Three years have passed since Rose McQuinn's husband Danny, disappeared in Arizona. Believing him to be dead, she returned to Scotland to start her life afresh. She has now fulfilled her ambition and is about to marry her lover, but pre-wedding jitters become the least of her worries when a ghost is about to walk back into her life.
  • Cover scan of The Inspector's Daughter
    The Inspector's Daughter - Paperback
    In an attempt to recover from the loss of her husband and her baby son, Rose McQuinn has returned home to Edinburgh. But Rose has little time to ponder as she unwittingly steps into the shoes of her father, the legendary Detective Inspector Faro, by agreeing to investigate the strange behaviour of Matthew Bolton.
  • BDS Zoom Image of Murder in Paradise
    Murder In Paradise - Hardback
    The young Inspector Faro stumbles on a plot involving the stealing of a priceless jewel. His investigation leads him to Kent, and on the trail of his nemesis Macheath.
  • Cover scan of Quest For A Killer
    Quest For A Killer - Paperback
    When the circus arrives in Edinburgh, Rose McQuinn is delighted. However, the much anticipated festivities are overshadowed by a curious set of crimes, involving the murder of a clerk during a bank robbery and, within hours of each other, the identical suicides of two young women.
  • Cover scan of The Seal King Murders
    The Seal King Murders - Hardback
    1861. Inspector Faro is heading back to Orkney to enjoy some home comforts. However, his rest is disrupted when Dave Claydon, a champion swimmer, drowns in mysterious circumstances. Was his death really an accident, or is something sinister going on?
  • Cover scan of The Stuart Sapphire
    The Stuart Sapphire - Paperback
    In August 1811, George, Prince of Wales and the Prince Regent, is horrified to find his mistress Sarah, Marchioness of Creeve, dead in her bed, strangled by the pearls around her neck. The Prince realises what a scandal could ensue, so he enlists Tam Eildor to investigate the murder.
  • Cover scan of Unholy Trinity
    Unholy Trinity - Hardback
    Inspector Jeremy Faro is in County Kerry for a family wedding when a young couple who are guests at the wedding are brutally murdered. At a loss as to what to do, the local police appeal to Faro for help but, before an arrest can be made, there are three more inexplicable deaths.


Inspector Faro Series

  • Enter Second Murderer - 1998
  • Blood Line - 1989
  • Deadly Beloved - 1990
  • Killing Cousins - 1990
  • A Quiet Death - 1991
  • To Kill a Queen - 1992
  • The Evil That Men Do - 1993
  • The Missing Duchess - 1994
  • The Bull Slayers - 1995
  • Murder by Appointment - 1996
  • The Coffin Lane Murders - 1998
  • The Final Enemy - 2002
  • Unholy Trinity - 2004
  • Faro and the Royals - 2005
  • Murder in Paradise - 2008
  • The Seal King Murders - 2011

Rose McQuinn series

Tam Eildor Series

Other Crime Novels

  • The Sweet Cheat Gone - 1992
  • This Outward Angel - 1993
  • Angel Eyes - 1997
  • The Monster in the Loch - 1998
  • The Royal Park Murder - 1998
  • Dead Beckoning - 1999
  • In the Shadow of the Minster - 2002

Other Historical Novels

  • Legend of the Loch - 1968
  • The October Witch - 1971
  • Castle Clodha - 1972
  • This Outward Angel - 1972
  • Lament for Lost Lovers - 1972
  • The White Rose - 1973
  • A Stranger Came By - 1974
  • The Wicked Wynsleys - 1977
  • The Queen's Captain - 1979
  • The Passionate Kindness, the love story of R L Stevenson & Fanny Osbourne
  • A Drink for the Bridge, Tay Bridge Disaster 1879
  • Hostage Most Royal - 1980
  • The Black Duchess - 1980
  • The Shadow Queen - 1980
  • Castle of Foxes - 1981
  • Colla's Children - 1982
  • Perilous Voyage - 1982
  • The Clan 1985
  • Estella - 1986
  • Strathblair - 1993