Andrew Greig

(born September 1951 - ) – Bannockburn, Stirlingshire

Andrew Greig

Andrew Greig was born in Bannockburn, although raised in the Fife town of Anstruther. Equally at home with poetry – his first book was the poetry collection White Boats – and literary fiction – In Another Light won the Saltire Society prize in 2004. He has also had success with mountaineering titles, like Summit Fever and the mountain poetry collections Men on Ice and Surviving Passages, and, in 1996, The Return of John McNab was short listed for the Romantic Novelists' Association Award.

Greig is a former Glasgow University Writing Fellow, and an SAC Scottish/Canadian Exchange Fellow. He studied Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh and held a number of part-time jobs before turning to writing.

Greig now lives in Orkney and Sheffield, and is married to author Lesley Glaister.

  • Cover scan of As Though We Were Flying
    As Though We Were Flying - Paperback
    This is a book of awakenings - to love and loss, to present, past and place. To dailyness and its transcendence, mortality and marriage. Playful or serious, colloquial or formal, they speak directly of life lived.
  • Cover scan of At The Loch Of The Green Corrie
    At The Loch Of The Green Corrie - Hardback
    A fishing trip honouring a dying man's wish becomes a meditation on life, nature and friendship, a literary biography and a celebration of the beauty of the Highlands of Scotland.
  • Cover scan of Getting Higher
    Getting Higher: The Complete Mountain Poems - Paperback
    Alongside the mountain poems from 'Men on Ice', 'Order of the Day' and 'Western Swing' is brand new material, facsimiles of previously unpublished material and illustrations and material from the National Library of Scotland archive.
  • Cover scan of In Another Light
    In Another Light - Paperback
    In the early 1930s, an ambitious young Scotsman sets out on the long sea voyage to Penang, eager to take up his post running a maternity hospital in the colony. 70 years later forty-something engineer Edward Mackay, while recuperating on Orkney, begins to unravel the story of a man he thought he knew - his father.
  • Cover scan of Preferred Lies
    Preferred Lies: A Journey To The Heart Of Golf - Paperback
    Andrew Greig grew up on the east coast of Scotland, where playing golf is as natural as breathing. He has played on the Old Course at St Andrews as well as on the miners' courses of Yorkshire. He writes about the different cultural manifestations of the game, the history, the geography, and the different social meanings.
  • Cover scan of The Return Of John Macnab
    The Return Of John Macnab - Paperback
    The Return of John Macnab is an adventure, a poacher's handbook, a romance and a moving story of loss and renewal with comic and political elements.
  • Cover scan of Romanno Bridge
    Romanno Bridge - Paperback
    'Romanno Bridge' is a new adventure from the acclaimed novelist and poet Andrew Greig. The hunt for the crowning stone of the Dalriadic kings, Jacob's Pillow, the Stone of Scone - whatever it is, it is worth enough to make life cheap for some and dear for others - has begun.
  • Cover scan of Summit Fever
    Summit Fever - Paperback
    'Summit Fever' offers a full account of the successful ascent of the Mustagh Tower in 1984 by previously little-known British climbers, and also a description of the author's own feelings and experiences as a novice climber on a Himalayan expedition.
  • Cover scan of That Summer
    That Summer - Paperback
    That Summer presents a romance set against the backdrop of the Battle of Britain in the summer of 1940. A young pilot, Len Westbourne, falls for Stella Gardam, a radio operator. Both know their time together may be short.