Angus Peter Campbell / Aonghas Pàdraig Caimbeul

(born 1952 - ) - South Uist, Outer Hebrides

Angus Peter Campbell / Aonghas Phàdraig Caimbeul

Angus Peter Campbell, or Aonghas Pàdraig Caimbeul in Gaelic, was born near South Boisdale on the Hebridean island of South Uist. He attended Gearradh na Monadh school before moving to Oban High School, where he was taught English by Iain Crichton Smith. While studying History and Politics at the University of Edinburgh, Campbell met and studied under another great Scottish writer, Sorley MacLean. With such encouragement, it is little wonder that he became a full-time writer of both novels and poetry in English and Gaelic.

He returned to South Uist after university, before starting work as a journalist for the West Highland Free Press, and then both BBC and Grampian TV. He continues to write and present for television and radio. He also appears in the Gaelic feature film Seachd: The Inaccessible Pinnacle, in a role for which he was nominated for a Scottish BAFTA award.

Angus Peter Campbell has written three Gaelic novels for children, for the Gaelic education service Stòrlann; two English poetry collections, three Gaelic adult novels and Invisible Islands, his first English-language novel. His most recent novel, An Tilleadh Dhachaigh, was published in 2009.

Of writing in Gaelic, he has said in the West Highland Free Press: "I still run my written Gaelic past various scholars," he says. "It's hellish that your life is spent reclaiming this thing that should have been a birthright."

Angus Peter Campbell now lives on Skye with his wife and six children.

  • Cover scan of Aibisidh/ABC
    Aibisidh/ABC - Paperback
    The poems of this bilingual collection examine the decay and fragmentation of Gaelic language and identity in the modern age, exploring the ways in which language and identity intersect with the historical and natural landscapes of Scotland.
  • Cover scan of Archie And The North Wind
    Archie and the North Wind - Paperback
    Archie has lived on a small island off the Scottish coast his entire life. After decades without a job and without a break from his selfish wife, Archie packs his bag and leaves to find the hole where the north wind originates, as the old stories claim. Along the way he meets many strange and wonderful characters.
  • Cover scan of Là A' Dèanamh Sgèil Do Là
    Là A' Dèanamh Sgèil Do Là - Paperback
    It is a novel which begins in the Torrin/Elgol area of Skye in 2010, when an old man comes to the door carrying a bag of winkles on his shoulders. But is it really 2010? Perhaps it's even later...
  • Cover scan of Meas Air Chrannaibh
    Meas Air Chrannaibh - Paperback
    This is a collection of Angus Peter Campbell's modern Gaelic poetry. It includes poems that are translated into English by the author, and into Scots by J. Derrick McClure.
  • Cover scan of Suas gu Deas
    Suas Gu Deas: Two Hebrideans Walking from the Butt to Barra Head - Hardback
    An entertaining and incisive account in Gaelic and English by Angus Peter Campbell of a walk with a difference - from the Butt of Lewis to Mingulay with friend and leading photographer Cailean MacLean. This is a celebration of contemporary Hebridean life in all its variety and paradoxes.
  • Cover scan of An Taigh-Samhraidh
    An Taigh-Samhraidh - Paperback
    An Taigh-Samhraidh (The Holiday House) is the third novel from Angus Peter Campbell.
  • Cover scan of Tilleadh Dhachaigh
    Tilleadh Dhachaigh - Paperback
    'Tilleadh Dhachaigh' is Aonghas Phàdraig Caimbeul's fourth Gaelic novel. Full of humour and pathos, there are big questions contained here in this easy to read and entertaining story.