Anne Perry

(born October 1938 - ) - London, now Portmahomack

Anne Perry

Historical detective novelist Anne Perry was born in London in 1938, the daughter of an English physicist. She was born Juliet Marion Hulme, and as sickly child she lived in the Bamamas, South Africa and New Zealand in the hope that the warmer climate would improve her health.

In 1954 Juliet Hulme and her friend Pauline Parker were convicted of the murder of Parker's mother, Honora Rieper, and she was imprisoned for five years.

In her twenties Hulme moved to California and then to England, and took the name Anne Perry, after her stepfather. She started writing her first novels after a suggestion from her stepfather, and funded her work through a number of jobs including air stewardess, ship and shore stewardess and insurance underwriter. Her first novel, The Cater Street Hangman, was published under the name Anne Perry in 1979, about the same time that she moved to Portmahomack near Inverness.

Perry has since written over sixty historical crime books, many featuring her characters Inspector Thomas Pitt or private investigator William Monk. Her short story Heroes, set during first world war, won an Edgar award in 2000. Her most recent novels are Betrayal at Lisson Grove and Acceptable Loss.

  • Cover scan of Acceptable Loss
    Acceptable Loss
    Anne Perry - Hardback - Headline
    Monk and his wife Hester are doing their best to care for Scuff - a homeless boy recovering from a terrifying ordeal at the hands of Jericho Phillips, the runner of a child prostitution ring. Although Scuff's abductor is dead, there's no suggestion that the ring has been broken.
  • Cover scan of Betrayal At Lisson Grove
    Betrayal At Lisson Grove
    Anne Perry - Paperback - Headline
    1895 and a violent tide of political unrest is rising fast all over Europe. Inspector Thomas Pitt, knows that they must use every means possible to find those responsible before England is overrun by reformists. When he finds himself in pursuit of a suspected terrorist, he has no hesitation in following the chase to France.
  • Cover scan of Buckingham Palace Gardens
    Buckingham Palace Gardens
    Anne Perry - Paperback - Headline
    Inspector Thomas Pitt must navigate the upper echelons of society if he is to find a murderer bold enough to kill in Buckingham Palace. The suspects are narrowed down to a group of guests, meeting with the Prince of Wales to discuss the funding for a huge project: the Cape to Cairo railway.
  • Cover scan of A Christmas Grace
    A Christmas Grace
    Anne Perry - Paperback - Headline
    Emily Radley's Christmas plans are shattered when she learns that her aunt, Susannah, is dying. Although estranged from her for years, Emily decides that she must journey to Susannah's home in West Ireland to assist her in her final days. When she reaches Connemara though, it is evident that Susannah has more on her mind than her health.
  • Cover scan of A Christmas Odyssey
    A Christmas Odyssey
    Anne Perry - Paperback - Headline
    A festive story of hope and redemption emerging from the depths of Victorian society. 1864, and on a bitter December night in Victorian London, one man longs for a Christmas miracle. The city is preparing for the holidays yet James Wentworth is unable to focus on anything other than the disappearance of his wayward son, Lucien.
  • Cover scan of A Christmas Promise
    A Christmas Promise
    Anne Perry - Paperback - Headline
    December 1883. When 13-year-old Gracie Phipps sees Minnie shivering on the street, she finds herself drawn into the search for Charlie, a missing donkey. As Minnie talks though, Gracie becomes conscious there is more to the story that the loss of an animal: Charlie disappeared the day before Minnie's uncle died.
  • Cover scan of A Christmas Secret
    A Christmas Secret
    Anne Perry - Paperback - Headline
    December 1890. Clarice and her husband, Reverend Dominic Corde, arrive in the idyllic village of Cottisham to watch over the Reverend Wynter's flock, whilst he takes a richly deserved holiday. But as Dominic sets about trying to make the right impression, Clarice finds she cannot shake the feeling that something is amiss.
  • Cover scan of Dorchester Terrace
    Dorchester Terrace
    Anne Perry - Hardback - Headline
    1896. Newly promoted to Head of Special Branch, Thomas Pitt is forced to face the danger his new position brings when he uncovers the work of a traitor in his department. Not knowing who to trust, he must unmask the conspirator, whist simultaneously protecting a suspected target, Austrian state visitor Duke Alois.
  • Cover scan of Execution Dock
    Execution Dock
    Anne Perry - Paperback - Headline
    1864 and, once again, Inspector William Monk, now of the Thames River Police, must face a dangerous foe. After a game of cat and mouse, Monk has finally captured Jericho Phillips, the man he suspects of brutally killing a young mudlark and running an evil child prostitution ring. At trial, however, justice does not prevail.
  • Cover scan of A Funeral In Blue
    A Funeral In Blue
    Anne Perry - Paperback - Headline
    William and Hester Monk take on a chilling new case in the latest novel in Anne Perry's popular and critically acclaimed series of crime novels.
  • Cover scan of Midnight At Marble Arch
    Bryanston Mews
    Anne Perry - Hardback - Headline
    There is no finer detective in Victorian London than Thomas Pitt. During a party at the Spanish Embassy, a policeman breaks into Pitt's conversation with Rawdon Quixwood to break the news that Quixwood's wife, Catherine, has been assaulted at their home and left for dead.
  • Cover scan of No Graves As Yet
    No Graves As Yet
    Anne Perry - Paperback - Headline
    In Cambridge, in 1914, the golden June days seem timeless. But for the four Reavley siblings, the summer is shattered by their parents' deaths in a car accident. As their suspicions grow, they visit the scene of the crash, examine the ruined car, and find evidence that the crash may not have been an accident.
  • Cover scan of The One Thing More
    The One Thing More
    Anne Perry - Paperback - Headline
    With France at war with its neighbours and Louis XVI awaiting execution, a small group hope to rescue the king and prevent anarchy spreading. When their leader is murdered, they put together a new plan but have to execute it within three days.
  • Cover scan of Rose Of No Man's Land
    Rose Of No Man's Land
    Anne Perry - Paperback - Barrington Stoke
    When Rosie picks up an old watch in an antique shop, it transports her to a WWI Red Cross hospital. As a nurse she listens to the men's stories and meets Edith Cavell - who helps soldiers to escape from the Germans. When Rosie learns of Edith's arrest, she has to make a tricky decision.
  • Cover scan of Seven Dials
    Seven Dials
    Anne Perry - Paperback - Headline
    Thomas Pitt is assigned to the investigation of the murder of a promising young diplomat, at the home of the Egyptian mistress of a senior politician. The prime suspect is the woman herself but soon the case reveals dark secrets and international pitfalls that threaten the Empire and Pitt himself.
  • Cover scan of The Sheen On The Silk
    The Sheen On The Silk
    Anne Perry - Hardback - Headline
    The city of Byzantium is in accute danger. For Anna, the brutal conflict only echoes her own life. Recently arrived in Byzantium to find out why her brother has been exiled for a murder she believes he did not commit, Anna is forced to pose as a eunuch so that she can move freely in all levels of society.
  • Cover scan of The Sheen On The Silk
    The Sheen On The Silk
    Anne Perry - Paperback - Headline
    The city of Byzantium is in accute danger. For Anna, the brutal conflict only echoes her own life. Recently arrived in Byzantium to find out why her brother has been exiled for a murder she believes he did not commit, Anna is forced to pose as a eunuch so that she can move freely in all levels of society.
  • Cover scan of Shoulder The Sky
    Shoulder The Sky
    Anne Perry - Paperback - Headline
    It is April 1915 and the world is in the bloody throes of a war the soldiers had hoped would be over by Christmas. Now, in the rat-infested trenches on the Western Front at Ypres, nobody knows when the horror will end - and a murder must be investigated.
  • Cover scan of Slaves And Obsession
    Slaves And Obsession
    Anne Perry - Paperback - Headline
    In the American Civil War the opposing armies are desperate for arms. Daniel Alberton has promised weapons to the South, but faces a moral dilemma when his daughter insists he changes sides.
  • Cover scan of Southampton Row
    Southampton Row
    Anne Perry - Paperback - Headline
    Despite recent success, the Inner Circle prevent Pitt returning to Bow Street as Superintendent. His next task for Special Branch is to investigate Charles Voisey - the corrupt Inner Circle man he defeated in court - who's standing for election.
  • Cover scan of A Sunless Sea
    A Sunless Sea
    Anne Perry - Hardback - Headline
    1864 and on the bank of the Thames, Monk is appalled at the shocking mutilation visited upon the body of a woman found on Limehouse Pier. But when enquiries into the killing unearth a connection between the victim and Dr Lambourn, it's clear that not all is as it seems.
  • Cover scan of We Shall Not Sleep
    We Shall Not Sleep
    Anne Perry - Paperback - Headline Review
    October 1918 on the Western Front. Despite four years of facing the horror of the trenches nothing could have prepared Chaplain Joseph Reavley for the sight of Sarah Price's mutilated body lying discarded outside the operating tent. Outraged, Joseph will do whatever it takes to bring the young nurse's murderer to justice.


Thomas Pitt novels

  1. The Cater Street Hangman - 1979
  2. Callander Square - 1980
  3. Paragon Walk - 1981
  4. Resurrection Row - 1981
  5. Rutland Place - 1983
  6. Bluegate Fields - 1984
  7. Death in the Devil's Acre - 1985
  8. Cardington Crescent - 1987
  9. Silence in Hanover Close - 1988
  10. Bethlehem Road - 1990
  11. Highgate Rise - 1991
  12. Belgrave Square - 1992
  13. Farriers' Lane - 1993
  14. The Hyde Park Headsman - 1994
  15. Traitors' Gate - 1995
  16. Pentecost Alley - 1996
  17. Ashworth Hall - 1997
  18. Brunswick Gardens - 1998
  19. Bedford Square - 1998
  20. Half Moon Street - 1998
  21. The Whitechapel Conspiracy - 2001
  22. Southampton Row - 2002
  23. Seven Dials - 2003
  24. Long Spoon Lane - 2005
  25. Buckingham Palace Gardens - 2008
  26. Betrayal at Lisson Grove - 2010 aka Treason at Lisson Grove
  27. Dorchester Terrace - 2011
  28. Bryanston Mews - 2012

William Monk novels

  1. The Face of a Stranger - 1990
  2. A Dangerous Mourning - 1991
  3. Defend and Betray - 1992
  4. A Sudden, Fearful Death - 1993
  5. The Sins of the Wolf - 1994
  6. Cain His Brother - 1995
  7. Weighed in the Balance - 1996
  8. The Silent Cry - 1997
  9. The Whited Sepulchres - 1997 aka A Breach of Promise
  10. The Twisted Root - 1999
  11. Slaves and Obsession - 2000
  12. A Funeral in Blue - 2001
  13. Death of a Stranger - 2002
  14. The Shifting Tide - 2004
  15. Dark Assassin - 2006
  16. Execution Dock - 2009
  17. Acceptable Loss - 2011
  18. A Sunless Sea - 2012

The Christmas Series

  1. A Christmas Journey - 2003 aka Journey Towards Christmas
  2. A Christmas Visitor - 2004
  3. A Christmas Guest - 2005
  4. A Christmas Secret - 2006
  5. A Christmas Beginning - 2007
  6. A Christmas Grace - 2008
  7. A Christmas Promise - 2009
  8. A Christmas Odyssey - 2010
  9. A Christmas Homecoming - 2011

World War I novels

  • Heroes - 2000
  1. No Graves as Yet: 1914 - 2003
  2. Shoulder the Sky: 1915 - 2004
  3. Angels in the Gloom: 1916 - 2005
  4. At Some Disputed Barricade: 1917 - 2006
  5. We Shall Not Sleep: 1918 - 2007

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