Dr Bruce Durie

Dr Bruce Durie

Dr Bruce Durie is recognised internationally as one of the leading practitioners in his field, particularly for his teaching, writing and broadcasting. He has authored over 25 books on family and local history.

He has had a busy year since he stood down as Head of the Professional Postgraduate Programme in Genealogical Studies at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland.

On the teaching side, he has been running and building genealogy courses at the Universities of Edinburgh and Dundee and helping establish the American School of Genealogy, Heraldry and Documentary Sciences.

As Chairman of the Ancestral Tourism Steering Group for Scotland, he is part of the team getting Scotland ready for 2014, the next Year of Homecoming.

Meanwhile, he has had a number of books published by The History Press:

For other publishers he had produced the massive 3-volume Retours of Services of Heirs

  • Volume A - Special Retours Aberdeen to Kirkcudbright, 1544 to 1699
  • Volume B - Special Retours Lanark-Wigton, General Retours 1544 to 1699, plus a Latin Glossary
  • Volume C - Decennial Indexes to the Services of Heirs in Scotland (1700–1859)

plus reproductions of two Heraldic Classics -

  • The Comic History of Heraldry by R H Edgar (1878)
  • J.H. Stevenson's Heraldry in Scotland - a recreation of the classic 1914 Maclehose edition.

For a full bibliography please visit Bruce Durie's website.

  • Cover scan of Edinburgh
    Not A Guide to Edinburgh: A Pocket Miscellany
    Bruce Durie - Paperback - History
    Edinburgh has come a long way from its origins as a fort on top of a rock. There is architecture, history, castles, palaces, museums, art galleries, theatre, great shopping, countryside and beaches. But there is even more to Edinburgh than that. This book tells all!
  • Cover scan of Glasgow
    Bruce Durie - Paperback - History
    Glasgow has one of the bloodiest and most tumultuous histories on record, riddled with plagues and pirate attacks, religious divides and reconciliations, bombs, fires and floods. A city of slums and grandeur, of sectarian violence and cultural assimilation, here you will find the best of the worst of Scotland's greatest city.
  • Cover scan of Glasgow
    Not A Guide to Glasgow: A Pocket Miscellany
    Bruce Durie - Paperback - History
    From western backwater to Scotland's largest city, Glasgow has come a long way. This text is packed full of insider knowledge, facts, figures and the secrets of the city.
  • Cover scan of Scottish Genealogy
    Scottish Genealogy
    Bruce Durie - Paperback - History
    Scotland has possibly the most complete and best-kept set of records and other documents in the world. 'Scottish Genealogy' covers not only sources and records (physical and electronic), but is also firmly based on established genealogical practice.

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