Catherine MacPhail

(born January 1946 -) - Greenock

Catherine MacPhail

Catherine MacPhail shot to success when her first children's novel Run Zan Run won the Kathleen Fidler Award for new Scottish fiction. Since then Catherine has earned a reputation as a gritty, direct novelist, writing about everyday situations, such as bullying in Run Zan Run and teenage pregnancy (in Roxy's Baby) and empathising brilliantly with her readers as a result.

Catherine always wanted to be a writer but with a job and a family to take care of, time was hard to come by: "I didn't think wee lassies like me could do things like that. It was only after my children were born that I went to the local writers club; there, I was given the confidence to start sending my stories away."

Since then she has never looked back, receiving widespread acclaim for her next two pieces of work; Fighting Back and Fugitive. Moreover, she is the creator and writer of the radio series My Mammy and Me.

Her latest children's books include Hide and Seek, based on a blurb written in a competition for Barrington Stoke, and Grass and Out of the Depths.

  • Cover scan of Another Me
    Another Me - Paperback
    Fay can't help thinking it is odd when people begin remarking on conversations she knows she hasn't had, or saying they have seen her when she has been somewhere else. But then she starts hearing muffled footsteps behind her and seeing the flash of fair hair just like hers. Is she imagining things?
  • Cover scan of Bad Company
    Bad Company - Paperback
    Lissa's world has been turned upside down for the second time. The first time was when her father was sent to jail. This time it is because he is coming home.
  • Cover scan of The Beast Within
    The Beast Within - Paperback
    Ram has cheated death - four times. Who is so desperate to kill him? And why? On the run, Ram finds himself on desolate moorland. He knows he is being stalked, but this time by something less than human.
  • Cover scan of Dark Waters
    Dark Waters - Paperback
    Col McCann is used to being in trouble. It is always the McCann family that the police think of first. But Col has recently aquired a new fan - Dominic. Different as the two boys are, their lives touch when Col saves Dominic from drowning.
  • Cover scan of Fighting Back
    Fighting Back - Paperback
    When Kerry and her mum move to a block of council flats, they find it hard to settle in especially as they seem to have annoyed their neighbours who turn out to be more dangerous than either of them realise.
  • Cover scan of Grass
    Grass - Paperback
    Leo knows the value of never grassing. Everybody, too, knows the gang leaders in town. You definitely don't grass on them. Not if you value your life. Then Leo is unlucky enough to witness the murder of one gang leader by another. Soon Armour has an insidious hold not only on Leo, but also his family.
  • Cover scan of Hide And Seek
    Hide And Seek - Paperback
    Nicola wants to scare the new girl, Destiny, so she and her gang stay overnight in the school. Destiny doesn't realise that all the stories about the school being haunted are made up. Or are they?
  • Cover scan of Into The Shadows
    Into The Shadows - Paperback
    Ram has no memory of who he is, his background or where he has come from. He awakes in a darkened corridor of a block of flats with no idea of how he has got there. And then, the lift doors nearby open and inside is a dying man. Ram is now the murder suspect and on the run.
  • Cover scan of Missing
    Missing - Paperback
    Maxine's parents have had to confirm the identity of her brother Derek's body. So the brother who was missing is now officially dead. But then Maxine receives a telephone call from somebody saying he is her brother.
  • Cover scan of Out Of The Depths
    Out Of The Depths - Paperback
    Tyler Lawless has an unusual and sometimes scary gift. She is able to see dead people. And sometimes they speak to her, asking for her help. When Tyler is sent to a new school because her so called 'storytelling' about seeing dead teachers gets her into too much trouble, she is hoping to make a fresh start.
  • Cover scan of Picking On Percy
    Picking On Percy - Paperback
    Shawn loves picking on Percy Brown. He's such a loser, with his whiny voice and rubbish clothes. But when a magical arcade game makes the two boys swap lives, Shawn learns what being Percy is really like. Is Shawn the real loser? And can he ever get his own life back?
  • Cover scan of Ride Of Death
    Ride Of Death - Paperback
    In this shocking conclusion to the Nemesis series, Ram faces one final deadly confrontation with the Dark Man and evil forces more powerful than he could ever imagine. The time for running is over.
  • Cover scan of Roxy's Baby
    Roxy's Baby - Paperback
    Roxy is wild and uncontrollable. She hates her parents and her goody-two-shoes sister. Then there is the night of the party, where she lets that boy kiss her, and more - and Roxy is pregnant. She won't tell her mother, her family. So she decides to run away to London.
  • Cover scan of Run, Zan, Run
    Run, Zan, Run - Paperback
    By helping Katie, Zan draws attention to herself from a menacing private investigator. It becomes clear that he is a criminal out to get Zan, as she's the witness to his arson on her parent's house. This is a fast-paced thriller from Catherine MacPhail.
  • Cover scan of Sinister Intent
    Sinister Intent - Paperback
    Strange lights in the night sky, people disappearing, a mysterious man calling himself Destiny. Ram has run straight into another mystery. But the people who go missing are people no one will miss, except Ram and the dotty old woman who rescues him.
  • Cover scan of Sticks And Stones
    Sticks And Stones - Paperback
    Greg thinks he's the funniest and coolest boy in school, until he finds himself in the frame for stealing a mobile phone and realises not everyone thinks he's as cool as he does!
  • Cover scan of Tribes
    Tribes - Paperback
    Kevin is determined that he'll never join a gang, but his path crosses the tribe's when he saves one of them from a rival gang. It isn't easy to join the tribe - but, as Kevin discovers when it's almost too late, it's far harder to leave.
  • Cover scan of Underworld
    Underworld - Paperback
    Five misfits are among a group of children chosen for an adventure holiday in Scotland. None of them want to go, and none of them like each other. When they are trapped by a rock fall in a vast network of caves they know that they need to work together to survive, yet none of them wants to lose the power struggle.