David Donachie / Jack Ludlow / Tom Connery

(born 1944 - ) - Edinburgh

David Donachie

Edinburgh-born David Donachie is a historical novelist with a particular interest in naval history in the 18th and 19th centuries. A former salesman, of everything from business machines to soap, he is now a full-time writer.

He also writes fiction under two pen names, Jack Ludlow and Tom Connery. His first series, The Privateersman Mysteries, is set in the late 18th century and features former navy Captain turned privateer Harry Ludlow. Writing as Jack Ludlow, his Republic series is set in ancient Rome and the Conquest Series is set in the 11th century.

He now lives with his wife, also an author, in Deal in Kent.

Writing as David Donachie

  • Cover scan of The Admirals' Game
    The Admirals' Game - Paperback
    1794. Lieutenant John Pearce, recently returned from the Atlantic, is caught between the constant feuding of two senior admirals. One puts him in a position of maximum danger while another asks him to undertake a hazardous commission, one he must undertake to protect his friends. They are his Achilles heel and those in power know it.
  • Cover scan of An Awkward Commission
    An Awkward Commission - Paperback
    Stranded in Portsmouth, John Pearce has once again failed to secure the release of those who depended on him - his fellow Pelicans. They have been shipped off to the Mediterranean while he was indulging himself in London. He must take ship and follow them.
  • Cover scan of By The Mast Divided
    By The Mast Divided - Paperback
    London, 1793. Young firebrand John Pearce, on the run from the authorities, is illegally press-ganged from the Pelican tavern into brutal life aboard HMS Brilliant, a frigate on its way to war. In the first few days, Pearce discovers the Navy is a world in which he can prosper. But he is not alone.
  • Cover scan of A Flag Of Truce
    A Flag Of Truce - Paperback
    John Pearce comes back from Corsica demanding that Captain Barclay of HMS Brilliant be tried at home by a civilian court. Against the background of the ongoing siege of Toulon and with the Revolutionary Army massing to attack, no-one in authority sees this as a good time to accede to his requests.
  • Cover scan of An Ill Wind
    An Ill Wind - Hardback
    John Pearce and his Pelicans are going home - to gain their freedom and, using the evidence they have from Admiral, Lord Hood, to put Captain Ralph Barclay in the dock. But first they must take part in the evacuation of Toulon.
  • Cover scan of A Shot Rolling Ship
    A Shot Rolling Ship - Paperback
    Pressed into King George's Navy for the second time in a month, John Pearce & his men find themselves working aboard HMS Griffin, sailing the Channel from Plymouth to Dover in search of the numerous French privateers that prey on English merchant shipping: their task to stop &, if possible, to capture & destroy them.

Writing as Jack Ludlow

  • Cover scan of A Broken Land
    A Broken Land - Hardback
    When a favour to a friend leaves Cal Jardine caught up in the Spanish Civil War, he must take a bunch of British athletes and turn them into fighters. He leads them on to fighting in the Catalan countryside acquiring friends and enemies along the way, including German communist diehard Manfred Drecker.
  • Cover scan of Conquest
    Conquest - Hardback
    In one generation the de Hautevilles have gone from penniless obscurity to become the most potent warrior family in all of Christendom: depended on by the Pope, feared by Byzantium and respected by the Holy Roman Emperor. One by one they have proved themselves to be great warriors.
  • Cover scan of The Gods Of War
    The Gods Of War - Paperback
    Lucius Falerius is dead, and Rome in its entirety mourns the passing of its most powerful senator. It falls to his young son Marcellus to carry out his father's legacy and restore the rights promised to the defeated Sicilian slaves, yet there are those who will not see the honour of Rome compromised and the slaves assuaged.
  • Cover scan of Mercenaries
    Mercenaries - Paperback
    1033, the Norman/French border. The sons of Tancred de Hauteville are following in their father's footsteps. As knights, they have but one true purpose: to fight. But denied service with their Duke, they are forced to take employment as mercenaries: their unequalled battle skills are for hire to the highest bidder.
  • Cover scan of Son Of Blood
    Son Of Blood - Hardback
    Under Robert Guiscard, the de Hautevilles have grown in importance and power throughout Italy and, through the Papacy, all of Christendom. Now it is Robert's son Bohemund's turn to take up arms - the opportunity to fight under the papal banner in the Holy Lands could bring him the glory and riches he desires.


The Privateersman Mysteries

  1. The Devil's Own Luck (1991)
  2. The Dying Trade (1993)
  3. A Hanging Matter (1994)
  4. An Element of Chance (1995)
  5. The Scent of Betrayal (1996)
  6. A Game of Bones (1997)

The Markham of the Marines Series (writing as Tom Connery)

  1. Shred of Honour (1996)
  2. Honour Redeemed (1997)
  3. Honour Be Damned (1999)

Nelson and Emma

  1. On a Making Tide (2000)
  2. Breaking the Line (2001) - also known as Tested by Fate

The John Pearce Series

  1. By the Mast Divided (2004)
  2. A Shot Rolling Ship (2005)
  3. An Awkward Commission (2006)
  4. A Flag of Truce (2008)
  5. An Ill Wind (2009)
  6. The Admirals' Game (2009)

The Republic Series (writing as Jack Ludlow)

  1. The Pillars of Rome (2007)
  2. The Sword of Revenge (2008)
  3. The Gods of War (2008)

The Conquest Series (writing as Jack Ludlow)

  1. Mercenaries (2009)
  2. Warriors (2009)
  3. Conquest - 2010