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Gwen Kirkwood
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Briefly I was born and went to school in Yorkshire, then agricultural college in Lancashire followed by brief spells in Wales and Nottinghamshire working on an Experimental Husbandry Farm for the Ministry of Agriculture. I had three Scottish grandparents and I feel I was drawn to Scotland. When I came to Dumfriesshire to work I immediately felt I belonged. It was May and the countryside was beautiful, the red stone of Dumfries, Queen of the South, was warm and welcoming, as were the people. I have never regretted the move. How could I? I married a Scottish dairy farmer, Bob, whose hobby was breeding and showing Clydesdale horses.

We have three children, adults now, each with two children of their own. Between the stories from my parents and grandparents and the lives of my children and grandchildren I have a lot of material for writing about life, as well as about farming. Unfortunately my husband died in 1994 and I had a break from writing to attend to family matters. I am a member of the Romantic Novelist Association and in 2000 I won the Elizabeth Goudge Trophy and became addicted to writing again.

Some of my sagas have gritty or sad episodes but they also have love and kindness and end with hope and optimism and often romance.

  • Cover scan of Another Home, Another Love
    Another Home, Another Love
    Gwen Kirkwood - Hardback - Robert Hale
    Unimpressed with her daughter's blossoming relationship, Catherine Palmer-Farr extracts a promise from Sam Caraford calculated to keep the young couple apart. Throwing Rosemary into the company of eligible young gentlemen, Catherine is dismayed to find that her daughter yearns only for Sam's love.
  • Cover scan of Call Of The Heather
    Call Of The Heather
    Gwen Kirkwood - Hardback - Severn House
    When war is declared in 1939, Andrew and Victoria Pringle are expecting their second child. What should be a happy time is marred by the threat to the peace and future of their beloved glens.
  • Cover scan of Dreams Of Home
    Dreams Of Home
    Gwen Kirkwood - Hardback - Severn House
    Following the war, Steven Caraford longs to return to Scotland to a farm of his own. Then he meets Megan, his best friend's little sister, and discovers that she has grown into a lovely young woman with admirers who could give her far more than he could. Should he sacrifice his ambition to farm for a far more lucrative career?


Writing as Lynn Granger

  • Lonely is the Valley - 1985
  • The Wary Heart - 1986
  • The Laird of Lochvinnie - 1987
  • The Silver Link - The Silken Tie - 1990
  • Shattered Dreams
  • Written on the Wind

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