Jan-Andrew Henderson

(Born 1962 - ) - Kirriemuir, Perthshire

Jan-Andrew Henderson

Jan-Andrew Henderson was born in Kirriemuir, in Perthshire. He studied Journalism at Napier University, and completed a Masters in English Literature and Philosophy at Edinburgh University. A series of varied jobs followed, in Scotland and in the USA, where he lived for seven years after a vacation there lasted rather longer than originally planned.

Henderson returned to Scotland in 1999 to set up Black Hart Entertainment in Edinburgh, a ghost- and history-tour guide company. Around this time he also started writing books; first history and ghostly non-fiction based around Edinburgh, such as The Town Below The Ground, The Ghost That Haunted Itself and Edinburgh: City of the Dead, and latterly children's fiction (Secret City, Hunting Charlie Wilson).

His first novel for teenagers, Bunker 10, was published in 2007; his latest novel, Colony, was published in early 2009.

  • Cover scan of Bunker 10
    Bunker 10 - Paperback
    The explosion at Pinewood Military Installation devastated the remote highland valley where the base was located. No official cause was given for the incident. Inside Pinewood were 185 male and female military personnel, and seven teenagers. This is the story of their last day.
  • Cover scan of Colony
    Colony - Paperback
    30 years ago a secret army research facility was destroyed - overrun by millions of ants. Two survivors fled the carnage, unaware that something terrible escaped with them. Now a teenage boy and girl discover that they are linked to that fateful day
  • Cover scan of Crash
    Crash - Paperback
    A day out with his dad Gordon turns into a nightmare for Bobby Berlin when something shocking happens that leaves Dad thinking it's 1977 and he's really 14. The only people Bobby can turn to for help are his best friend Mary and her gypsy grandmother. The problem is, they don't have a clue what to do either.
  • Cover scan of Edinburgh
    Edinburgh: City Of The Dead - Paperback
    This text explores macabre events, paranormal occurences, haunted locations, occult societies, witchcraft and even spooky hoaxes to try to discover why Edinburgh is a city that appears to have more that its fair share of supernatural goings-on.
  • Cover scan of The Emperor's New Kilt
    The Emperor's New Kilt: The Two Secret Histories Of Scotland - Paperback
    This text reveals Scotland's two secret histories: the things Scots are famous for and shouldn't be, and the things they are not famous for but should be.
  • Cover scan of The Town Below The Ground
    The Town Below The Ground: Edinburgh's Legendary Underground City - Paperback
    Contained by a defensive wall, Edinburgh suffered massive overpopulation which resulted in the towering tenements of the Royal Mile. An underground slum developed which has, until recently, been forgotten.
  • Cover scan of The Wee Book Of Edinburgh
    The Wee Book Of Edinburgh - Paperback
    Edinburgh is a city of contrasts, a fact reflected in this collection of photographs taken in the 20th century. Images of the Georgian House and the Forth Railway Bridge are included beside more intimate shots of the Newhaven fishwives and crowded trams on Princes Street.
  • Cover scan of Who Wants To Be An Edinburgher?
    Who Wants To Be An Edinburgher? - Paperback
    Here are 500 questions on subjects such as sport, history and entertainment, all with an Edinburgh connection. The format of four possible answers means that even if you don't know the answer, you can still have a bash.


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