Janey Louise Jones

Portobello, Edinburgh

Janey Louise Jones

Prolific children's author Janey Louise Jones is from Edinburgh, and read at Edinburgh University and later studied teaching at Moray House. With her husband she set up a successful chain of children's activity centres in Scotland called The Jelly Club.

She illustrated and published her first two Princess Poppy books Princess Poppy's Party and Saffron's Wedding herself, before Random House Children's Books bought the series. There are now 25 Princes Poppy picture books, plus 15 additional novels, and various gift book editions have also been published. Her newest series is for older readers, starting with Dancing and Deception, and in 2010 she started the Cloudberry Castle series of ballet themed books with publishers Floris.

Jones still lives in Edinburgh with her husband and three children.

Princess Poppy Picture Books

  • Cover scan of The Baby Twins
    The Baby Twins - Paperback
    Poppy is so excited that her mum is going to have twins and she can't wait for them to be born. But when the babies come at last, things don't turn out quite as Poppy expected and her life is turned upside down!
  • Cover scan of The Birthday
    The Birthday - Paperback
    It's Poppy's birthday and she's really excited. She simply can't wait to be a birthday princess! But everyone seems so busy - it's as if no one cares about her enough to remember her special day. They can't all have forgotten, can they?
  • Cover scan of The Fair Day Ball
    The Fair Day Ball - Paperback
    It's Fair Day in Honeypot Hill, and Poppy is almost bursting with excitement! There's a carousel, ice cream and the Fair Day Ball that night. And she finds the most perfect princess dress at cousin Saffron's stall. But will she have enough pennies to buy it?
  • Cover scan of Flower Princess
    The Flower Princess - Paperback
    Grandpa is feeling very down in the dumps because he is sure that everyone has forgotten his birthday - even Poppy! But what he doesn't know is that everyone's favourite princess, Princess Poppy, has a surprise in store for him. Will everything go to plan - and will Poppy manage to cheer Grandpa up?
  • Cover scan of Friends Together
    Friends Together - Paperback
    A new shop has opened in Honeypot Hill and Poppy is really pleased when she is invited to the opening party. Even better than that, she makes a new friend.
  • Cover scan of Get Well Soon
    Get Well Soon - Paperback
    When Poppy visits Grandpa in hospital she hardly recognizes him because he's looking so pale and thin. Every time she visits, Poppy is sure that he is looking a little bit better and convinced that her wish for him to be home by the weekend will come true. Find out how Poppy helps Grandpa to get well again.
  • Cover scan of Mermaid Princess
    Mermaid Princess - Paperback
    It's carnival day in Camomile Cove and Poppy is very excited. There's the children's carnival parade, the costume competition, fairground rides, lovely stalls and all her favourite people. Join Poppy on her latest adventure and find out what happens during the parade.
  • Cover scan of The Party
    The Party - Paperback
    It's Honey's birthday and she is throwing a party at Cornsilk Castle. There's going to be a magic show, party games and a yummy birthday tea. Poppy is very excited, but things start to go wrong when she becomes jealous of one of Honey's presents and decides to borrow it.
  • Cover scan of The Play
    The Play - Paperback
    Poppy is putting on a play in her garden. Her best friend Honey is taking part, and so are her cousins Daisy and Edward. Poppy wants to make sure everything is just perfect. But when Poppy starts ordering everyone around, the others name her Princess Bossy Boots, and won't help her any more. What should Poppy do to save the play?
  • Cover scan of Playground Princess
    Playground Princess - Pbk. + CD
    Poppy and Honey play together every day until the day when Poppy decides to join the Blossom Tree Club. She can't wait to be one of the gang but Honey is not so keen. Things soon go wrong when the club members start picking on Honey. Find out what happens to the bullies and whether Poppy will be brave enough to stand up for her best friend?
  • Cover scan of Poppy's Secret Christmas
    Poppy's Secret Christmas - Hardback
    It's Christmas Eve in Honeypot Hill and Poppy and Honey are making special Christmas things for Poppy's mum and dad - in secret! Mum and Dad are thrilled! As you follow the story, you will find some special things tucked inside to help you make your very own Christmas surprises.
  • Cover scan of Puppy Love
    Puppy Love - Paperback
    Duchess, the Barley Farm sheepdog, has given birth to ten puppies. Poppy and Honey can't wait to see them. The puppies are so adorable that they visit them every single day and Poppy secretly wishes she could have one as her very own pet.
  • Cover scan of The Royal Parade
    The Royal Parade - Paperback
    Princess Poppy is so excited. It's the annual dress-up parade and this year the theme is royalty. She can't wait to get her glad rags on. But there's a lot to do before the fun can begin and everyone must muck in - including Poppy. The trouble is she keeps getting distracted.
  • Cover scan of The Tooth Fairy
    The Tooth Fairy - Paperback
    Poppy is desperate for the tooth fairy to visit her, but there's just one problem - none of her teeth are even wobbly yet. All her friends have had a visit from the tooth fairy and Mimosa even says she's seen her. Will Poppy's time ever come?
  • Cover scan of Twinkletoes
    Twinkletoes - Pbk. + CD
    When Poppy and her best friend Honey go to Riverside Stables, they fall in love with a gorgeous chestnut pony called Twinkletoes. But poor Twinkletoes isn't well, and the girls must help to get him better before they can ride him. But it takes for ever. Will Poppy and Honey ever get to be proper princesses?

Princess Poppy Novels

  • Cover scan of The Big Mix-Up
    The Big Mix Up - Paperback
    Poppy is really excited becuase she and Mum are working at cousin Saffron's sewing shop for the day while Saffron minds Poppy's baby brother and sister. Poppy is sure it is going to be the most brilliant day ever becuase the shop is so glamorous and she'll get to chat to customers all day.
  • Cover scan of Fairytale Princess
    Fairytale Princess - Paperback
    Miss Mallow has decided to put on a musical show to celebrate the opening of the new school hall. Poppy and her class are all very excited especially when they get to vote on which show to perform. But things start to go wrong during the auditions when every single child wants the two starring roles!
  • Cover scan of The Fashion Princess
    The Fashion Princess - Paperback
    Join Poppy and Saffron on their adventure in the Big Apple and find out whether their homespun values and fabulous fashion sense triumph stateside.
  • Cover scan of Happy Ever After
    Happy Ever After - Paperback
    Poppy is thrilled because there is to be another wedding in Honeypot Hill. She adores the fairytale romance of it all but it makes her realise that her parents hardly ever do anything together. Find out what happens and whether Poppy's plans to bring a bit of fairytale romance to her mum and dad work out.
  • Cover scan of The Haunted Holiday
    The Haunted Holiday - Paperback
    Poppy and Honey are going on holiday to France to stay with Honey's parents in a castle called Chateau Lafayette. It is the first time Poppy has ever been on an aeroplane and it is also the first time she has ever stayed in a castle. It is all so exciting!
  • Cover scan of The Hidden Jewels
    The Hidden Jewels - Paperback
    Honey is very excited because her mum and dad are coming to stay in Honeypot Hill for a whole month. When they arrive life becomes a whirlwind of special treats for Honey and Poppy. But nothing is as exciting as the mystery of the imprisoned princess and her lost jewels that they uncover at Cornsilk Castle.
  • Cover scan of Pocket Money Princess
    Pocket Money Princess - Paperback
    Poppy is desperate to be as cool as her teenage cousin, Daisy. In order to fulfill her ambition, Poppy decides that the first thing she needs to become cooler is money. Along with her best friend, Honey, Poppy dreams up some brilliant money-making schemes.
  • Cover scan of The Rescue Princess
    The Rescue Princess - Paperback
    Poppy is very excited because she is hosting her first ever sleepover. Honey, Sweetpea, Mimosa and Abigail are all coming to stay and there are lots of treats in store, including beauty treatments, dance routines, midnight feasts and a nature walk in Wildspice Woods the next morning.
  • Cover scan of A True Princess
    A True Princess - Paperback
    Poor Poppy is down in the dumps. She is envious of her best friend because Honey is being taken on loads of fabulous outings by her parents. Poppy decides she must start acting more like her best friend, but will this make her happy?

The Secrets of Sophia Musgrove

  • Cover scan of Dancing And Deception
    The Secrets Of Sophia Musgrove - Paperback
    Sophia Musgrove is starting to find life a bit dull. It may look like she has everything a 17-year-old girl could want: wealthy parents and lots of invitations to lavish parties, but Sophia wants her own adventures. Can she shake off her chaperone, Mrs Willow, for long enough to challenge the unjust society in which she lives?

Cloudberry Castle

  • Cover scan of Ballet School Secrets
    Ballet School Secrets
    Janey Jones - Paperback - Kelpies
    Ballet-mad Katie Mackenzie and her family have opened the Cloudberry Castle School of Ballet. Living at the school should be great, but when posh girl Leo arrives, with her chauffeur and faddy diet, she threatens to ruin everything. Leo might be spoilt rotten but she's a brilliant dancer - perhaps even better than Katie.
  • Cover scan of Cloudberry Castle
    Cloudberry Castle
    Janey Jones - Paperback - Kelpies
    Katie Mackenzie has always dreamed of being a prima ballerina like her mother. When their neighbour Dr Campbell dies, much to their surprise, he leaves Cloudberry Castle to the Mackenzie family.

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