Karen Campbell

(born 1967 - ) - Paisley

Karen Campbell

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Writer Karen Campbell was born in Paisley, and raised in Glasgow. She studied English, Drama and French at Glasgow University, but joined the police force after graduation. She spent five years working for Glasgow's 'A' Division, and met her husband through her training at Tulliallan Police College. She left the force after the birth of her first child, and later worked for Glasgow City Council as a media officer.

She went on to study at the Glasgow University Creative Writing Masters Degree, graduating in 2003 with an MLitt. A two-book deal with Hodder & Stoughton followed, with her first book, The Twilight Time, being published in 2008.

She still lives in Glasgow with her husband and two daughters. In 2009 she won the Best New Scottish Writer Award at the Scottish Variety Awards.

  • Cover scan of After The Fire
    After The Fire - Paperback
    Newly qualified as a firearms officer, Jamie Worth is called to a domestic disturbance. Events get out of hand, and he shoots and kills a teenaged girl who appears to have been unarmed. Already wracked with guilt, he is horrified when, with the media baying for blood, he is accused of murder.
  • Cover scan of Proof Of Life
    Proof Of Life - Hardback
    The girl in the foyer could not hear them, could not possibly have heard Anna, or know that she was there through two thick doors, but her pale neck flexed and her head came up, longer and higher as her profile turned, as her face took form to stare directly at the camera. And Anna's life, her future, froze.
  • Cover scan of Shadowplay
    Shadowplay - Hardback
    When Anna Cameron is promoted to Chief Inspector and moved to a new division, it should be a turning point for her. But if she thought having a female boss would make things easier, she'd reckoned without the fearsome 'JC' Hamilton.
  • Cover scan of This Is Where I Am
    This Is Where I Am - Paperback
    So we walked in the freezing night air, my daughter weeping into my neck, and me trying to shelter her inside my own thin coat. Glasgow. A city of colour and contrast. A place where two worlds collide, and are changed forever when the Scottish Refugee Council assigns Deborah Maxwell to act as Somali refugee Abdi's new mentor.
  • Cover scan of The Twilight Time
    The Twilight Time - Paperback
    Anna Cameron is a new Sergeant in the Flexi Unit. On her first day she discovers she'll be working with her ex, now married with a child. In at the deep end emotionally after many years without him, she's also plunged headlong into the underworld of Glasgow's notorious Drag - the haunt of working girls, drug dealers and sad, seedy men.


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