Keith Gray

(born 1972 - ) - Grimsby, now Edinburgh

Keith Gray

Born and raised in Grimsby, but now lives and works in Edinburgh. A former truck driver and pizza restaurant waiter, he is now a full-time writer.

His first novel Creepers was published in 1996, and was shortlisted for the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize; he was also shortlisted in 2002 for Warehouse which won him the 2003 Angus Book Award. He was first inspired to write after reading Robert Westall's The Machine Gunners, and has 12 published novels.

Gray regularly reviews teenage fiction for The Guardian and The Scotsman newspapers, and was the first ever Scottish Book Trust Virtual Writer in Residence. He lives in Edinburgh with his partner Jasmine and a parrot called Bellamy.

  • Cover scan of The Chain
    The Chain - Paperback
    Four people, four lives. Cal - how far will he go to be part of Tully's gang? Joe - can he blag, cheat, and bluff his way to win the most important game of poker of his life? Ben - is this two timer's luck about to run out? Kate - how will she cope with her father's illness? All brought together and changed forever.
  • Cover scan of Creepers
    Creepers - Paperback
    Derwent Drive was known as the Speed Creep - 25 houses all in a row, no bends, no kinks. No Creeper had ever done the lot. Jamie and I reckoned we could do it. Jamie was the best Creeper around and the best buddie you could have.
  • Cover scan of The Fearful
    The Fearful - Paperback
    William Milmullen took six pupils to the lakeside, but returned only after a creature devoured the six boys right before his eyes. He named the creature 'The Mourn', and declared himself 'Mourner'. He took the responsibility to appease the creature by feeding livestock and vowed his family would be responsible for the safety of the town.
  • Cover scan of Happy
    Happy - Paperback
    Will dreams of becoming a rock star, but nobody else believes he can do it. His teachers complain that his school work is slipping, his girlfriend says he's got his head too high, and even his oldest friend can't decide where his loyalties lie.
  • Cover scan of Malarkey
    Malarkey - Paperback
    John Malarkey is the wrong person in the wrong place at the wrong time. Up to his neck in it and on the run, he's still trying to figure out why. All he knows is that Brook High is no place for a conscience, the teachers don't run this school, and he's only got 24 hours to prove his innocence.
  • Cover scan of Ostrich Boys
    Ostrich Boys - Paperback
    Kenny, Sim and Blake are about to embark on a remarkable journey of friendship. Stealing the urn containing the ashes of their best friend Ross, they set out from Cleethorpes on the east coast to travel the 261 miles to the tiny hamlet of Ross in Dumfries and Galloway.
  • Cover scan of The Return Of Johnny Kemp
    The Return Of Johnny Kemp - Paperback
    Dan grassed up Johnny Kemp and got him suspended. Now Johnny's returned and it's time for payback. Family, friends and teachers refuse to help. Dan will have to face Johnny on his own.
  • Cover scan of Warehouse
    Warehouse - Paperback
    A community of young people gather in an old warehouse to get away from a world they don't fit into. Through separate, but interweaving narratives, Warehouse tells the story of three of the community's members.