Lavinia Derwent

(born 1906 - died November 1989) - Jedburgh

Born Elizabeth Dodd in 1906, Lavinia Derwent is from the Cheviot hills near Jedburgh. A writer and broadcaster, she is best known for her island novel series Sula, which she started in 1969.

Her 1920s stories of Tammy Troot were read on Auntie Kathleen’s Children’s Hour on Scottish Radio. In the 1970s she presented, along with Molly Weir and Cliff Hanley, a TV series on her Borders childhood. The stories from this series were collected in two autobiographical anthologies, A Breath of Border Air and Another Breath of Border Air.

  • Cover scan of Return To Sula
    Return To Sula - Paperback
    Magnus Macduff is lured away from his beloved island of Sula when he wins a painting competition and goes to the mainland. But Magnus is fiercely independent and escapes back to the remote island at the first opportunity, followed by a new friend, a wild and woolly Duke.
  • Cover scan of Song Of Sula
    Song Of Sula - Paperback
    Snow is not the only surprise in store for Magnus on his return to the island of Sula, after his friend the Duke's triumph in London with his Sula symphony. As well as a dangerous blizzard, Magnus has to contend with his terrible jealousy - for the Duke has a new friend, Lionel.
  • Cover scan of The Tale Of Greyfriars Bobby
    The Tale Of Greyfriars Bobby - Paperback
    This is the remarkable true story of Bobby, an energetic little Skye terrier who is devoted to his master, Auld Jock. Even when the old man dies Bobby refuses to leave him & every night for 14 years Bobby returns faithfully to sleep by his master's grave.