Margaret Elphinstone

(born 1948 - ) - Castle Douglas, Galloway

Margaret Elphinstone

Born in Kent and educated in London and Durham, author Margaret Elphinstone has lived and worked in Scotland all her adult life. She has lived in Shetland, Galloway and Edinburgh, and now lives and works in Galloway. Her first short stories were published in 1983, when she was working as a gardener (and has written two books on organic gardening), Elphinstone is now a Professor of Writing at Strathclyde University.

The Sea Road won the Scottish Arts Council Spring Book Award for 2001, and was listed as one of the '100 Best Scottish Books of All Time' by The List magazine. Her latest novel, The Gathering Night, was published by Canongate in 2009. She now lives in Castle Douglas.

  • Cover scan of The Gathering Night
    The Gathering Night - Paperback
    In the untamed hills in winter you must stick together to survive. So when Alaia's brother goes hunting and never returns, her family is thrust into turmoil. Then a stranger appears with a story of a great wave that has destroyed his people. Is he to be believed?
  • Cover scan of Hy Brasil
    Hy Brasil: A Novel - Paperback
    Sidony, after fraudulently winning a writing competition, is sent by her editor to write a travel book on the near-mythical island of Hy Brasil. She comes across piracy, lost treasure, drug smuggling, political intrigue and a tragic love affair.
  • Cover scan of Light
    Light - Paperback
    Set in 1831, in a tiny island off the Isle of Man, a lighthouse provides a harsh living for an unusual family. Isolated from the mainland, they have been able to live away from the disapproving eyes of polite society. But, on the arrival of Stevenson's surveyors, the very existence of their world is threatened.
  • Cover scan of Voyageurs
    Voyageurs: A Novel - Paperback
    In 1810 Mark Greenhow leaves his Northern England home to find his sister who is a missionary and has been reported as lost somewhere in North America. Mark's journey as a Quaker is hard, Canada is on the brink of war with the USA and the continent is vast. He is forced to rely on fur traders and their canoeing skills.


  • The Holistic Gardener (With J Langley) - 1987
  • The Incomer - 1987
  • A Sparrow's Flight - 1989
  • Organic Gardening - 1990
  • An Apple From a Tree - 1991
  • Islanders - 1994
  • Outside Eden - 1990
  • The Sea Road - 2000
  • Hy Brasil - 2002
  • Voyageurs - 2003
  • Light - 2006
  • The Gathering Night - 2009