Margaret Thomson Davis

(born 1926 - ) - Glasgow

Margaret Thomson Davis

Born in Bathgate but raised in Glasgow, Margaret Thomson Davis was a children's and Red Cross nurse who had written for many years before her first novel, The Breadmakers, was published in 1972. She moved back to central Glasgow seeking inspiration for her writing, and has now written over 40 novels and over 200 short stories. Two of her novels have been adapted for the stage. She is most famous for her historical series The Breadmakers and The Clydesiders, but has also written contemporary crime thrillers such as A Deadly Deception.

In 2006 she wrote her autobiography, Write from the Heart. Margaret Thomson Davis is Honorary President of the Strathkelvin Writers' Group.

  • Cover scan of Burning Ambition
    Burning Ambition - Paperback
    The author captures the intrigue and danger of the royal court during the time of Mary, Queen of Scots, through the eyes of a young woman, Marie Hepburn. Marie's mother schemes and the outcome of her plans is murder and Mary's exile in France.
  • Cover scan of The Clydesiders
    The Clydesiders - Hardback
    As the shadow of the Great War looms over Glasgow, Virginia Watson's life as a maid in one of Glasgow's finest houses is untroubled. But when she falls for the son of her wealthy employer, her life becomes far more complicated.
  • Cover scan of Clydesiders At War
    Clydesiders At War - Hardback
    This is the final part of the epic Clydesiders trilogy - a tale of two Glasgow families that began amid the dying embers of the Edwardian era and reaches its conclusion in the dark days of the Second World War.
  • Cover scan of A Darkening Of The Heart
    A Darkening Of The Heart - Paperback
    Brother and sister, Alexander and Susanna live in the eighteenth century world of respectability and are set on advancing their social standing. Alexander is a doctor with ambitions to become a famous poet, while snobbish Susanna needs to find a wealthy husband. Both are delighted to meet Robert Burns.
  • Cover scan of A Deadly Deception
    A Deadly Deception - Hardback
    Set in a Glasgow high-rise, 'A Deadly Deception' centres on Mabel Smith who lives alone. Her selfish parents had used Mabel as a slave and they effectively ruined her life but now they are both dead. Mabel is lonely and bitter and decides that telephone-sex may be a way to make some much needed extra cash.
  • Cover scan of Goodmans Of Glassford Street
    Goodmans Of Glassford Street - Paperback
    'Goodmans of Glassford Street' is the story of a successful but old-fashioned family department store and the lives and conflicts of the people who work in it, including the strong-willed matriarch Abigail Goodman.
  • Cover scan of The Kellys Of Kelvingrove
    The Kellys Of Kelvingrove - Hardback
    Hidden behind Kelvingrove Art Gallery is a line of 7 rented houses. Though quiet and out of sight alongside the River Kelvin, they accommodate 7 very different families, along with their problems. Each household will soon find themselves mixed up in the problems of the others as malicious schemes and secrets are exposed.
  • Cover scan of The New Breadmakers
    The New Breadmakers - Paperback
    'The Breadmakers' saga followed the story of a Glasgow working class community living through the dark days of the Depression and the Second World War. Now the author explores how Catriona copes with a brutal husband, a son who is beginning to take his father's side and the riches she finds so dissatisfying.
  • Cover scan of Red Alert
    Red Alert - Paperback
    Margaret Thomson Davis' novel tells the story of the Price family and is set in a Glasgow fire station and in the world famous Glasgow School of Art.
  • Cover scan of Write From The Heart
    Write From The Heart: The Extraordinary Real Life Story Of Glasgow's Favourite Novelist - Paperback
    A human story of triumph in the face of adversity, 'Write from the Heart' is the inspirational story of how, against all odds, Margaret Thomson Davis became one of Scotland's leading novelists.