Suhayl Saadi

(born October 1961 - ) - Glasgow

Suhayl Saadi

Suhayl Saadi was born in East Yorkshire in 1961, but moved to Glasgow in 1965. He studied medicine at Glasgow University, and was working as a GP when his first novel was published in 1997. The Snake was an erotic novel written under the pseudonym 'Melanie Desmoulins', but Saadi had been writing articles, stories and poems ever since joining a writer's group in the late 1980s.

Now writing novels, stage and radio plays, as well as newspaper articles and song lyrics, Saadi is also the editor of a number of anthologies, including Macallan Shorts 5 (2002) (Saadi won second prize in the Macallan Shorts competition in 1999).

His first short story collection The Burning Mirror was published by Polygon in 2001, and was shortlisted for the Saltire First Book Prize. Psychoraag, was published in 2004 Black and White. Saadi has also written for Sandstone's Vista series, with the novella The White Cliffs. His most recent novel Joseph's Box was launched at the 2009 Edinburgh International Book Festival.

  • Cover scan of Joseph's Box
    Joseph's Box - Paperback
    Zuleikha MacBeth wades into the Clyde one morning and recovers a large box with which she becomes obsessed. The discovery of the box brings her together with Alex, a lute-playing clerk, and they manage to open the box only to find six further boxes inside which they can only open once they have followed cryptic clues.
  • Cover scan of Psychoraag
    Psychoraag - Paperback
    Taking place during the six hours of a radio broadcast, this is the mythic, yet utterly modern tale of a raga-rock DJ who finds his and his family's ghosts catching up with him.
  • Cover scan of The White Cliffs
    The White Cliffs - Paperback
    Far out to sea Adam and Lily can see a dark shape that moves and shifts. It looks like an island but no-one seems to know what it is. When they reach the island it's not black but white. White cliffs rise above them, beneath the sea itself, lie the ghosts of the past.