Theresa Breslin

Lenzie, Dumbartonshire

Theresa Breslin

Theresa Breslin is a Carnegie-awarding winning novelist of 25 books for children. A former librarian, she wrote her first novel, Simon's Challenge, when a local steel mill closed, devastating the local community. A common element in many of her books is a strong sense of place and setting, which Breslin describes as coming from the landscape and history of Scotland.

Breslin uses a wide variety of literary styles, from historical fiction (Across the Roman Wall, Remembrance), science fiction (Alien Force, Starship Rescue) and issue-lead contemporary fiction, such as Bullies at School and Divided City.

Simon's Challenge won the Kathleen Fidler award; Whispers in the Graveyard, about a boy facing up to his dyslexia, won the Carnegie Medal for Children's Fiction in 1994.

  • Cover scan of Across The Roman Wall
    Across The Roman Wall - Paperback
    'Flashbacks' is an exciting series of stories each of which is set at a different time in history. Each book is full of historical detail geared to Key Stage 2 of the National Curriculum.
  • Cover scan of Alligator
    Alligator - Paperback
    Jono didn't mean to buy an alligator - it just sort of happened. Now his mum is going to kill him - if the alligator doesn't get there first!
  • Cover scan of Divided City
    Divided City - Paperback
    A tale of two boys - one a Catholic, one a Protestant - whose attempt to help an outsider is set against the sectarian prejudices around them in Glasgow when the annual Orange Walks begin.
  • Cover scan of The Dream Master
    The Dream Master - Paperback
    This novel is set in both a modern school and ancient Egypt. Cy, the hero, discovers Amun in his wardrobe. Amun has arrived from ancient Egypt via Cy's dreams and has to find his way back!
  • Cover scan of An Illustrated Treasury Of Scottish Folk And Fairy Tales
    An Illustrated Treasury Of Scottish Folk And Fairy Tales - Hardback
    Slithering stoorworms, mischievous brownies, fierce kelpies and magical selkies are exquisitely brought to life for children in Theresa Breslin's enchanting tales and Kate Leiper's otherwordly illustrations.
  • Cover scan of Kezzie At War
    Kezzie At War - Paperback
    During the 1930s Depression in Scotland, Kezzie and her young sister Lucy are luckier than most. Following their father's death, they manage to stay together and live on the little work Kezzie and Grandad are able to find. But life turns sour when Lucy goes missing.
  • Cover scan of Mutant
    Mutant - Paperback
    There's something strange going on at the Genetic Clone Unit - but can Brad find out what? This is a timely and chilling story about cloning.
  • Cover scan of Prisoner Of The Inquisition
    Prisoner Of The Inquisition - Hardback
    Zarita is used to basking in a pampered lifestyle as the town magistrate's daughter. When Saulo's father is hanged for an assault on Zarita he didn't commit, Saulo swears revenge. But when Zarita's mother dies, and the frightening Inquisition arrives in the area, a curtain of suspicion and brutality comes down on her old life for good.
  • Cover scan of Remembrance
    Remembrance - Paperback
    A group of friends are suddenly thrust into the harsh realities of war. From the horror of the trenches, to those nursing the wounded and dying, they struggle to survive.
  • Cover scan of Simon's Challenge
    Simon's Challenge - Paperback
    Winner of the Kathleen Fidler Award, and a highly successful BBC drama, this is a witty and realistic detective story about a young boy who realises he is the sole witness of a burglary, but can't remember any of the details.
  • Cover scan of Starship Rescue
    Starship Rescue - Paperback
    Who can save the Outsiders from a life of slavery? It is up to Marc and Sasha to get a message for help back to Planet Earth. But as Marc discovers, not even friends can be trusted and his mission is fraught with danger.
  • Cover scan of Whispers In The Graveyard
    Whispers In The Graveyard - Paperback
    Solomon struggles with his dyslexia both at home and at school. He finds refuge among the stones of an old graveyard in the shadow of a rowan tree, the only thing growing there. But then workmen uproot the tree and a disturbing power is released. Has an ancient evil been disturbed?


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