Tom Pow

(born 1950 - ) - Edinburgh

Tom Pow

Poet Tom Pow was born in Edinburgh in 1950. After studying at St Andrews University, he taught English at schools in Edinburgh, Madrid and London, before moving to Dumfries to teach at the Academy there. In the 2000s he lectured in Creative Writing and Storytelling at the University of Glasgow campus in Dumfries; his time working at the Crichton campus inspired his collection Dear Alice. Dear Alice won the Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust Scottish Book Award for poetry in 2009.

As well as poetry, he has written a number of books for children, including picture books (most recently Tell Me One Thing, Dad) and novels, including Captives in 2006. He has also written for the radio, and a travel book about Peru called In the Palace of Serpents.

Tom Pow has held a number of writer-in-residence positions, such as the Scottish/Canadian Writing Fellow at the University of Alberta in 1992/93, and Poet in Residence at the StAnza festival in 2005. In the 2000s he lectured in Creative Writing and Storytelling at the University of Glasgow's Dumfries Campus, and he is now a Lecturer at Lancaster University. He still lives in Dumfries.

  • Cover scan of Captives
    Captives - Paperback
    Martin could never have predicted what would happen when his family sign up for two day's trekking in the National Park during their holiday on the beautiful island of Santa Clara. This book presents a story about ten people thrown together under extraordinary circumstances and with devastating consequences.
  • Cover scan of Dear Alice
    Dear Alice: Narratives Of Madness - Hardback
    This collection of poetry explores the imaginative legacy of a nineteenth-century lunatic asylum, the Crichton in Dumfries, drawing on the richly-documented history of the site.
  • Cover scan of In Another World
    In Another World: Among Europe's Dying Villages - Paperback
    In one of the great defining moments in human history, more people now live in cities than in rural areas, and the effects of this depopulation and the plummeting birthrate are being felt keenly throughout Europe. Tom Pow sets out to explore what this means in some of the most rapidly vanishing areas of Europe.
  • Cover scan of In The Becoming
    In The Becoming: Selected And New Poems - Paperback
    Since the publication of his first collection, 'Rough Seas', in 1987, Tom Pow has been revognized as one of Scotland's foremost contemporary poets. This book draws on Pow's work over the last two decades , from 'Roguh Seas' to his latest book, 'Dear Alice - Narrative of Madness'.
  • Cover scan of The Pack
    The Pack - Paperback
    Bradley, Victor and Floris live with the dogs on the dark, forgotten edge of a segregated city. Haunted by memories and abandoned by society, they have learned to survive on their own. But when Floris is kidnapped the others must venture into the unknown to save their friend.
  • Cover scan of Scabbit Isle
    Scabbit Isle - Paperback
    After seeing the mysterious figure of Janet vanish into the fields beyond the town, Sam uncovers the horror of her story. He learns that these fields were the place - Scabbit Isle - where plague victims were banished. Consigned to the Isle by her father, she cannot escape without his help.



  • Rough Seas (1987)
  • The Moth Trap (1990)
  • In the Palace of Serpents (1992)
  • Shouting it Out (ed) (1995)
  • Red Letter Day (1996)
  • Landscapes (1999)
  • Landscapes and Legacies (2003)
  • Transfusion (2007)
  • Dear Alice (2008)
  • In The Becoming (2009)


Picture Books

  • Callum's Big Day (2000)
  • Who is the World For? (2000)
  • Tell Me One Thing, Dad (2004)

Non Fiction