A Handbook Of Scotland's Wild Harvests

Scottish Wild Harvests Association & Reforesting Scotland

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This inspirational guide is bursting with invaluable know-how on Scotland’s wild harvest, covering what, where, when and how you can use your bounty in sustainable ways – from the most useful and widespread of species to the less well-known, and from leaves and berries to saps, seeds, seaweeds, mosses and wood. Learn how to begin or extend a repertoire of wild foods and materials that can be used as dyes, remedies and around the home.

Key Features

  • Emphasis on sustainable, responsible harvest
  • Key species in Scotland
  • Leaves, fungi, berries, seaweeds and more
  • Fuelwood & craft materials

Andrew Fairlie, whose restaurant ‘Andrew Fairlie at Gleneagles’ is the only one in Scotland with two Michelin stars says “The exciting thing about this book is the number of unusual flavours and species it highlights... This inspiring resource comes at the perfect time.”

The Scotsman ran a feature on A Handbook of Scotland's Wild Harvests as did BBC News.

Listen here to Fi's Foraging Walk with Huw Williams.

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ISBN: 9781887354967
Publisher: Saraband
Publication Date:
26 July 2012
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Pages: 255 p.

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