An t-Ubhal Seunta

Mary Beith

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Tha na h-uile eòlach air Mary Beith agus na leabhraichean aice sa Bheurla air cungaidhean agus seann chleachdaidhean leighis. Sgrìobh i an leabhar seo sa Bheurla agus chaidh an tionndadh Gàidhlig a dhèanamh aig Acair. Tha na dealbhjan a rinn Sally Orr dha air leth snasail. Tha an seanchas a' libhrigeadh mar a tha an t-seanmhair ag innse dha a h-oghaichean mu ubhal a chaidh a lorg air mullach chaoibhe sa gheamhradh agus mar a tha sin a' ceangal a-steach ri ràithean na bliadhna.

Mary Beith is well known worldwide for her books on healing and ancient customs connected with healing. This story about a magic apple was originally written in English by the author and translated into Gaelic at Acair. The story is superbly illustrated by artist Sally Orr. The story unfolds as the grandmother explains to her grandchildren the cycles of nature in respect of an apple found in a winter tree.

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Book Details

ISBN: 9780861523412
Publisher: Acair
Publication Date:
15 August 2008
Format: Paperback
Language: Scottish Gaelic
Pages: 32 p.

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