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  • Cover scan of Glasgow Crimefighter
    Glasgow Crimefighter: The Les Brown Story
    Les Brown; Robert Jeffrey - Paperback - Black & White
    The true story of one of Glasgow's most controversial detectives and his battle with the criminals and violent street gangs of the city. 'Glasgow Crimefighter' tells the inside story of cases and criminals who have written themselves into the history of a city where brawling is said to be in the blood.
  • Cover scan of Linlithgow Life And Times
    G. W. Lockhart - Paperback - Luath
    Wallace Lockhart connects the rich history of Linlithgow with the warmth and vitality that presently illuminates it.
  • Cover scan of The Mineworkers
    The Mineworkers
    Robert Duncan - Paperback - Birlinn
    This is the first substantial social history of mineworkers in Scotland to encompass the entire span of commercial mining from its origins in the Middle Ages to the extinction of deep coal mining in 2002.
  • Cover scan of The Silent Traveller In Edinburgh
    The Silent Traveller In Edinburgh
    Yee Chiang - Paperback - Mercat
    Exiled from China in 1933 and separated from his wife and children, Chiang Yee spent over 40 years travelling the world. In his own words, he was 'dazzled' by Edinburgh and this book paints a picture of the city and its people in the 1940s.
  • Cover scan of Crimelord
    Crimelord: The Licensee
    David Leslie - Paperback - Mainstream
    Caught up in Glasgow's notorious 'ice cream wars' of the early 1980s, Tam McGraw was the leader of the Barlanark Team, a gang of robbers who caused havoc in central Scotland over a period of some 15 years. Told through friends, fellow crooks and occasional rivals, this is a true gangster story.
  • Cover scan of Living Memories
    Living Memories: A Portrait Of Edinburgh In The Last Century
    Jennifer Veitch - Paperback - Birlinn
    Steeped in history and culture, few cities in the world can boast the allure of Edinburgh. Drawing from the archives of the Edinburgh Evening News, this title tells the story of the city's transformation during the 20th century, as it evolves from being a provincial centre to become a cosmopolitan city.
  • Cover scan of More Morton Greats
    More Morton Greats
    Graeme Ross - Hardback - Breedon
    Over the years, Greenock Morton FC have experienced both highs and lows, periodically gracing both the upper and lower divisions of Scottish football. This book recalls the significant players, managers and moments in the club's history.
  • Cover scan of Textile Treasures At The Glasgow School Of Art
    Textile Treasures At The Glasgow School Of Art
    Liz Arthur - Paperback - Herbert
    This tour through the textiles collection in the Glasgow School of Art's archives contains a wide selection of work ranging from 17th stumpwork to traditional Scandinavian designs, 1930s modernist work and pieces by Austrian artist Emmy Zweybruck, jacquard woven samples from Donalds of Dundee, 1990s student creations.
  • Cover scan of Hail Cesar
    Hail Cesar: The Autobiography
    Billy McNeill - Paperback - Headline
    From 1958-75 Billy McNeill was at the heart of everything Celtic did. An uncompromising but fair centre half, he captained the club for 12 years. Later in his life he returned for two more periods as Celtic manager, winning the undying support of the club's fans for his complete commitent to the cause. This is his autobiography.
  • Cover scan of Lanarkshire
    - Spiral - Philip's
    This atlas includes complete coverage of Lanarkshire. It includes postcodes on mapping and a two-colour index. Each map contains details of emergency services, farms, public buildings and car parks.

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