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  • Cover scan of Poems
    - Hardback - Little, Brown and Company
    Iain Banks the literary novelist and Iain M. Banks the science fiction writer are too well known to need introduction, but Iain Banks the poet has hitherto been almost undetected: a single poem was published in a magazine and three short pieces within the novels. But he took his poetry seriously and worked on it carefully, though he shared the results mainly with friends. Readers of Iain's novels will find in these poems many aspects of his writing with which they're already familiar.
  • Cover scan of Biographia Literaria
    Biographia Literaria
    Samuel Taylor Coleridge - Hardback - Edinburgh University Press
    Coleridge's 'Biographia' is part autobiography, part philosophical treatise, part critical exegesis on poetry and genius. It has long held scholars in its thrall and its merits have been equally praised, and also dismissed, as the production of excessive opium use by the author. This edition takes into consideration three decades of research and scholarship on Coleridge and includes all Coleridge's references and allusions, including those listed as missing or untraceable in past editions. In tracing all unattributed references in the British Library, Adam Roberts has in some cases opened up whole new avenues of interpretation for the text, materially altering the way we read this classic work.
  • Cover scan of British And Irish Poets
    British And Irish Poets: A Biographical Dictionary, 449-2006
    William Stewart - Paperback - McFarland & Company
    From John Abbot to Benjamin Zephania, this reference book contains information on 1270 poets from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.
  • Cover scan of Rebel Moon
    Rebel Moon
    Norman Nawrocki - Paperback - AK Press
    'Rebel Moon' is a collection of anarchist rants and poems by Norman Nawrocki.
  • Cover scan of In The Cairngorms
    In The Cairngorms
    Nan Shepherd - Hardback - Galileo
    Hill-walking was Shepherd's great love; her single collection of poetry 'In the Cairngorms' expresses an intensity of deep kinship with nature. They are poems written with the perception of one who has climbed the mountains and truly knows them.
  • Cover scan of Bones & Breath
    Bones & Breath
    Alexander Hutchison - Hardback - Salt
    Scottish, northern, metaphysical, 'Bones & Breath' is a masterful new collection from a poet at the height of his powers. People want pleasure from poetry and in 'Bones & Breath' they can find it in many forms and registers. Power and beauty, mischief and humour. Longer poems mix satire with tender affection. Others offer everything from solar loops to red-throated divers.
  • Cover scan of Poetic Language
    Poetic Language: Theory And Practice From The Renaissance To The Present
    Tom Jones - Hardback - Edinburgh University Press
  • Cover scan of Poetic Language
    Poetic Language: Theory And Practice From The Renaissance To The Present
    Tom Jones - Paperback - Edinburgh University Press
    In a series of 12 chapters, exemplary poems are read alongside theoretical discussions of poetic language. The discussions provide a jargon-free account of a wide range of historical and contemporary schools of thought about poetic language, and an organised, coherant critique of those schools.
  • Cover scan of Black Cat Bone
    Black Cat Bone
    John Burnside - Paperback - Cape Poetry
    John Burnside's book is full of strange, unnerving poems that hang in the memory like a myth or a song. These are poems of thwarted love and disappointment, of raw desire, of the stalking beast; poems that recognise we have too much to gain from the gods, and this is why they fail to love us.
  • Cover scan of Rain
    Don Paterson - Paperback - Faber
    In an assembly of masterful lyrics and monologues, Paterson conjures a series of fables and charms that serve both to expose us to the unsettling forces within the world and simultaneously offer some protection against them.

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