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There were 6 items found.
  • Cover scan of Bloodquest
    Bloodquest: Prisoners Of The Eye Of Terror
    Gordon Rennie - Book with sound disc - Black Library
    Travelling across the daemon world of Eidolon in search of the stolen Blade Encarmine, Blood Angels Captain Leonatos and his battle-brothers are saved from death by another servant of the Emperor, Murius Aquinam. To their surprise, they recognise his name - he fought alongside the Blood Angels 4000 years ago.
  • Cover scan of Blackout
    Davey Anderson - Paperback - Samuel French
    Inspired by the true stories of a young offender from Glasgow, a 15-year-old who had committed a violent crime, this short play was part of the National Theatre's 'New Connections' programme which commissions plays about and for young people and was presented to critical acclaim at the Royal National Theatre.
  • Cover scan of Selected Plays 1999-2009
    Plays 1
    David Greig - Paperback - Faber
    This collection brings together four key plays by the playwright described by the Daily Telegraph as 'one of the most interesting and adventurous British dramatists of his generation'. It also includes a trilogy of short plays, published here for the first time.
  • Cover scan of Fleeto
    Paddy Cunneen - Paperback - Fairplay
    'Fleeto' is the story of a modern day Glasgow street stabbing, in which a white student is killed by a rampaging white gang while trying to defend an Asian friend from their indiscriminate, vengeful rage.
  • Cover scan of Good Things
    Good Things
    Liz Lochhead - Paperback - Nick Hern
    The latest play from Liz Lochhead. Susan, suddenly single and staring the dreaded 5-0 in the face, has an ex who, unfortunately, still has the power to wound, an ailing elderly father and an adolescent daughter.
  • Cover scan of One Day All This Will Come To Nothing
    One Day All This Will Come To Nothing
    Catherine Grosvenor - Paperback - Nick Hern
    'One Day All This Will Come To Nothing' takes a dry, deadpan look at living with loss. And wonders whether, sometimes, knowing nothing is better than knowing too much.

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