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  • Cover scan of The Final Curtsey
    The Final Curtsey: The Autobiography Of Margaret Rhodes, First Cousin Of The Queen And Niece Of The Late Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother
    Margaret Rhodes - Hardback - Umbria
    This is the account of a special life, with the author's family relationships to nobility and royalty, her long marriage, her children and grandchildren and a life lived to the full.
  • Cover scan of Gangsters, Killers And Me
    Gangsters, Killers And Me: A Detective's Story
    Gerard Gallacher - Paperback - Black & White
    An account of a police career at the sharp end of the action by a detective who wouldn't toe the line. As well as giving his forthright views on the less than exemplary conduct of some senior officers, Gallacher now reveals what really happened behind the scenes in some of the country's most high profile cases.
  • Cover scan of Prison Memoirs Of An Anarchist
    Prison Memoirs Of An Anarchist
    Alexander Berkman - Paperback - AK
    In 1892 Alexander Berkman, Russian émigré and anarchist, attempted to assassinate industrialist Henry Caly Frick as an incitement to revolution. His account of his ordeal is one of the great personal confessions in American literature.
  • Cover scan of Sex, Love And Sweet Suicide
    Sex, Love And Sweet Suicide
    Chin - Paperback - Fledgling
    This story tells the tale of Chin: Chinese by birth but spiritually Italian, Chin's strength and tenacity to overcome drugs, liquor, promiscuity and the very real attraction of suicide is a read that you can't put down.
  • Cover scan of Young Herriot
    Young Herriot: The Early Life And Times Of James Herriot
    John Lewis-Stempel - Hardback - BBC
    'Young Herriot' tells the story of James Herriot's formative years at veterinary college in Glasgow in the 1930s.
  • Cover scan of Bobby Fischer
    Bobby Fischer
    Harry Benson - Hardback - PowerHouse
    Harry Benson presents a photographic portrait of the champion chess player Bobby Fischer who in 1972 solidly defeated reining champion, Russian Boris Spassky.
  • Cover scan of Julian Assange
    Julian Assange - The Unauthorised Autobiography: The Unauthorised Autobiography
    Julian Assange - Hardback - Canongate
    In December 2010, Julian Assange signed a contract to write a book which would be part memoir, part manifesto. However, the WikiLeaks founder became increasingly troubled by the thought of publishing an autobiography and attempted to cancel the contract. This book represents the unauthorised first draft of Assange's autobiography.
  • Cover scan of Pistoleros!
    Pistoleros!: The Chronicles Of Farquhar McHarg
    Farquhar McHarg - Paperback - PM
    Barcelona, 1976: hired gunmen brutally murder a lifelong friend and fellow anarchist, forcing Farquhar McHarg into a race to document an epic history before he to can be silenced. This volume of his memoirs finds him dropped by chance into Barcelona's revolutionary underworld at the end of the great imperialist war of 1914-1918.
  • Cover scan of That Curious Fellow
    That Curious Fellow: Captain Basil Hall, RN
    James McCarthy - Paperback - Whittles
    A fascinating account of the extraordinary life and times of Caprian Basil Hall, an indefatigable traveller whose early descriptions of Korea, China and Borneo and naval life made him famous.
  • Cover scan of Escape From Evil
    Escape From Evil
    Cathy Wilson - Paperback - Pan
    Cathy was just 16 when she met a charming older man called Peter Tobin. He became first controlling, then violent, and Cathy found herself trapped in a terrifyingly abusive marriage. Eventually, for the sake of her young son, she found the strength to escape. Then in 2006 she saw on TV that her ex-husband was a serial killer.

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