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  • Cover scan of From The Bloody Heart
    From The Bloody Heart: The Stewarts And The Douglases
    Oliver Thomson - Hardback - Sutton
    This is the story of the saga between the Stewart and the Douglas families in early medieval Scotland, who grew in power and influence but remained locked in a bitter feud.
  • Cover scan of Nestor Makhno
    Nestor Makhno: Anarchy's Cossack
    Alexandre Skirda - Paperback - AK
    This is the real story of Ukranian anarchist, Nestor Mahkno. Alexandre Skirda chronicles the life of a legend and the insurgent army that fought in his name. From imprisonment, to battles with Bolsheviks and the White Army, to the final exile in Paris.
  • Cover scan of Crowdie And Cream And Other Stories
    Crowdie And Cream And Other Stories
    Finlay J. Macdonald - Paperback - Warner
    Finlay J. Macdonald enjoyed a long and successful career as a BBC talks producer and later as a television director. This omnibus edition presents Macdonald's memoirs of his childhood in the Hebrides.
  • Cover scan of In Search Of Willie Patterson
    In Search Of Willie Patterson: A Scottish Soldier In The Age Of Imperialism
    Fred Reid - Paperback - Cualann
    This title tells the story of Fred Reid's quest to understand the grandfather he never knew, a soldier who fought in the East African campaign during World War I. In telling it, he is frank about the great pains a blind man must take to overcome many barriers to research.
  • Cover scan of Mary Queen Of Scots And The Casket Letters
    Mary Queen Of Scots And The Casket Letters
    A. E. MacRobert - Hardback - I. B. Tauris
    This study re-examines the story of the Casket Letters, allegedly written by Mary to her lover Bothwell. The author sets out to provide an accessible presentation of the letters, as well as look at the controversy, the latest historiography and the literature it has generated.
  • Cover scan of A Wee Guide To Flora MacDonald
    A Wee Guide To Flora MacDonald
    David MacDonald - Paperback - Goblinshead
    This work tells of the life and times of Flora MacDonald, including her adventures with Bonnie Prince Charlie, immigration to North Carolina, and her eventual return to Skye.
  • Cover scan of David Livingstone
    David Livingstone: Mission And Empire
    Andrew C. Ross - Hardback - Hambledon and London
    David Livingstone was one of the supreme representatives of the British Empire whose reputation has swung between extremes of adulation and dismissal. This book is an account of Livingstone's life and his achievements.
  • Cover scan of An Uncounselled King
    An Uncounselled King: Charles I And The Scottish Troubles, 1637-1641
    P. H. Donald - Paperback - Cambridge University Press
    This is an account of Charles I's handling of the early Covenanting troubles in Scotland during the period 1637-41. The study aims to shed light on the processes whereby Charles, with counsel and yet often in spite of it, tried to uphold his case.
  • Cover scan of Jo Grimond
    Jo Grimond: Towards The Sound Of Gunfire
    Michael McManus - Hardback - Birlinn
    In the late 1940s and 50s, the Liberal Party seemed doomed to irrelevance. Its few MPs held their seats as a result of pacts to which Churchill turned a blind eye. This is a biography of Jo Grimond, who turned the fortunes of the Liberal Party around.
  • Cover scan of Open Road To Faraway
    Open Road To Faraway: Escapes From Nazi POW Camps, 1941-1945
    Andrew Winton - Paperback - Cualann
    The author describes briefly his early days in Lanarkshire and holidays with relatives near Clerish before war disrupts his studies. Shot down and injured while on a bombing mission, he is arrested and taken to the first of many POW camps - Dulag Luft.

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