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    The Darkness That Divides Us
    Renate Dorrestein - Hardback - World
    Growng up in the old rectory of a peaceful Dutch village with her beautiful, eccentric mother and their two endearing male 'lodgers', Ludo and Duco, Lucy is the popular, wildly imaginative leader of the preschool set - until a bizarre crime rocks her world. Lucy's friends turn on her, and from one day to the next she becomes a much-bullied scapegoat. When her mother is sent to prison for murder, Lucy and her 'uncles' leave the village to start over in the Outer Hebrides, where she soon becomes part of a gang of equally wild and audacious Scottish children. But even here, in this remote corner of the world, the past has a way of catching up with her.
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    Don't Drink And Fly: The Story Of Bernice O'Hanlon
    Cathie Devitt - Paperback - Roundfire
    Bernice is a witch with many skeletons in her closet. She has an addictive personality, works as a holistic therapist, and struggles to maintain any intimate relationships. When mysterious letters start appearing at her door, she begins to think about her childhood and, with the help of her long-suffering friend Maggie, tries to come to terms with her past and the family she left behind. But nothing in Bernice's life is ever simple.
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    The Driver's Seat
    Muriel Spark - Paperback - New Directions
    Lise is driven to distraction by her office job so, leaving everything, she flies south on holiday. But what is she looking for? Infinity and eternity attend Lise's last terrible day in an unnamed southern city.
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    The Drum Tower
    Farnoosh Moshiri - Paperback - Sandstone Press
    In the closing years of the rule of the Shah, young Talkhoon lives with her sister, Taara, with her grandmother Khanum-Jaan, her grandfather Baba-Ji, and her disturbing uncle, Asaad, in the house known as The Drum Tower in Tehran. In the tower, Baba-Ji continues his life's work, an unfinishable book on the Simorgh, the Bird of Knowledge, but revolution of one sort or another is on the way and Talkhoon's father is in hiding. The girls live with the mystery of their missing mother, and Khanum-Jaan's inexplicable hatred of her.
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    Dead Lovely
    Helen FitzGerald - Paperback - Faber & Faber
    Krissie & Sarah have been best friends forever. Sarah is married to Kyle & they are trying for a baby. Krissie becomes pregnant after a one night stand on holiday & this upsets Sarah, who is having trouble conceiving. To ease the tension between them all, they go on a walking holiday in Loch Lomond, which has disastrous consequences.
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    The Death Of Bunny Munro
    Nick Cave - Paperback - Canongate
    Struggling to keep a grip on reality after his wife's death, Bunny Munro does the only thing he can think of: with his young son in tow, he hits the road. An epic chronicle of one man's judgement, 'The Death of Bunny Munro' is also an achingly tender portrait of the relationship between father and son.
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    The Disappearance Of Adèle Bedeau
    Graeme Macrae Burnet - Paperback - Contraband
    Manfred Baumann is a loner. Socially awkward and ill at ease, he spends his evenings surreptitiously observing Adèle Bedeau, the sullen but alluring waitress at his local bistro. Then one day she vanishes into thin air.
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    Darkest Before The Dawn
    Gwen Kirkwood - Paperback - Ulverscroft
    Joe Lennox becomes bitter and deranged and blames Billy Caraford when his son is killed in a car accident, but Billy has lost his best friend and is badly injured himself. Despite the misgivings of his parents, he is still determined to be a farmer. He summons his courage to go to university, but privately he regards himself as a cripple. Kimberley is orphaned when her father dies and she moves to Scotland with her aunt. As she grows into a lovely young woman, Kim finds the strength to confront problems and fight for the life she craves.
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    Dragon Land
    Maureen Reynolds - Paperback - Black & White Publishing
    Lizzie Flint learns things a young girl shouldn't know. During WWII, she learns that her father is missing in action, and she and her mother will have to live with her grandmother until he is found. Grown up, Lizzie develops an adventurous streak and travels to Hong Kong to take up a teaching post. She marries, but her husband is sent to Shanghai to report on the Japanese bombings - and Lizzie fears that, like her father, she will never see her husband again.
  • Cover scan of Docherty
    William McIlvanney - Paperback - Canongate
    This is the re-issue of the powerful portrait of a heroic figure in a Scottish mining town before the Great Depression, which won the Whitbread Award in 1975.

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