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    The Riverman: Pitch Black
    Alex Gray - Paperback - Sphere
    This is a collection of two Chief Inspector Lorimer novels from Alex Gray - 'The Riverman' and 'Pitch Black'.
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    Cry Uncle
    Russel D. McLean - Hardback - Severn House
    Working undercover on behalf of the police, McNee's mission is to get close to aging gangster David Burns and uncover his secrets. In his role as Burns' new right hand man, he's expected to follow orders and get his hands dirty. But how far can he go before he crosses the line?
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    The Balmoral Incident
    Alanna Knight - Hardback - Allison & Busby
    Rose McQuinn and her trusty dog Vane are invited to stay on the Balmoral Estate. Little does she realise that within just 48 hours of their arrival, death will have visited the great castle. Can Rose find out what happened and prevent any more bloodshed?
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    A New York Christmas
    Anne Perry - Hardback - Headline
    Thomas Pitt's daughter Jemima, now a young woman, leads the cast of Anne Perry's enthralling festive mystery. In New York, at the turn of the century, where new American money and old English aristocracy collide, a young bride's secret past could destroy her future. Jemima, in America as a chaperone until her friend's wedding, is instead drawn into the crisis, and must decide whom to trust, and how to thread her way through the dangerous streets of this cold, brash new city.
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    The Beat Goes On: The Complete Rebus Stories
    Ian Rankin - Hardback - Orion
    Over the years, Ian Rankin has amassed an incredible portfolio of short stories. Published in crime magazines, composed for events, broadcast on radio, they all share the best qualities of his phenomenally popular Rebus novels. Brought together for the first time, and including brand new material, this is the ultimate Rebus short-story collection and a must-have book for crime lovers and for Ian's millions of fans alike.
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    Tartan Tragedy
    Antonia Fraser - Paperback - Phoenix
    The body of a young man has been found floating in a pool on a remote island in the Scottish Highlands. It just happens to be the island that TV reporter Jemima Shore has rented for a holiday - a holiday that is rapidly falling apart.
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    Beauty With A Bomb
    M. C. Grant - Paperback - Midnight Ink
    After witnessing the gruesome death of a young immigrant, Dixie Flynn is on a mission to tell the dead woman's story. Acting on a tip, Dixie learns that the young immigrants are vanishing ... and not into the sex trade.
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    Where The Dead Men Go
    Liam McIlvanney - Paperback - Faber and Faber
    After three years in the wilderness, hardboiled reporter Gerry Conway is back at his desk at the Glasgow Tribune. But three years is a long time on newspapers and things have changed. Once the paper's star reporter, Conway now plays second fiddle to his former protege, crime reporter Martin Moir. When Moir's body turns up in a flooded quarry, Conway is drawn deeper into the city's criminal underworld as he looks for the truth about his colleague's death. In this, the second book in the 'Conway Trilogy', McIlvanney explores the murky interface of crime and politics in the New Scotland.
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    Sherlock Holmes
    Arthur Conan Doyle - Hardback - Arcturus
    This edition offers a selection of the master detective's greatest cases, including the most popular Holmes story ever written, 'The Hound of the Baskervilles.' In addition to the full-length novel, the compendium comprises short stories drawn from his major collections.
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    Whatever Happened To Molly Bloom?
    Jessica Stirling - Hardback - Severn House
    Detective Inspector Jim Kinsella of the Dublin police force is called to the scene when the body of Molly Bloom has been found in her own kitchen where she has been beaten to death with a teapot. Although her husband, Leopold Bloom, is immediately taken into custody without a convincing alibi, Kinsella begins to have his doubts and suspicion falls upon Molly's fellow singer and alleged lover, Hugh 'Blazes' Boylan. Kinsella, aided by his colleague, Inspector Tom Machin, probes the conflicting stories of Bloom and Boylan. Were the pair seen fighting outside a brothel the night of Molly's murder? And what of the unusual scent, imported from America and found on a cotton ball beneath the Blooms' bed, that Kinsella hopes will lead him to Leopold's own dirty little secret?

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