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  • Cover scan of Finished Business

    Finished Business
    David Wishart - Hardback - Crème de la Crime
    November, AD 40. When a wealthy consul's wife asks Corvinus to investigate the death of her uncle, killed by a block of falling masonry during renovations on his estate in the Vatican Hills, a spectical Corvinus is inclined to agree with the general verdict of accidental death. But his investigations reveal clear evidence of foul play, as well as unearthing several skeletons among the closets of this well-to-do but highly dysfuncational family. Who could have wanted Lucius Surdinus dead?
  • Cover scan of Dandy Gilver And The Reek Of Red Herrings

    Dandy Gilver And The Reek Of Red Herrings
    Catriona McPherson - Hardback - Hodder & Stoughton
    On the rain-drenched, wave-lashed, wind-battered Banffshire coast, tiny fishing villages perch on ledges which would make a seagull think twice and crumbly mansions cling to crumblier cliff tops while, out in the bay, the herring drifters brave the storms to catch their silver darlings. It's nowhere for a child of gentle Northamptonshire to spend Christmas. But when odd things start to turn up in barrels of fish - with a strong whiff of murder most foul - that's exactly where Dandy Gilver finds herself.
  • Cover scan of War Of The Celts
    War Of The Celts
    Jack Whyte - Paperback - Sphere
    The Empire is collapsing and after 450 years of occupying Britain, the Roman legions are departing to defend the homeland. Soldier turned blacksmith Publius Varrus and his friend, the Legate Caius Britannicus, decide to stay behind and build a new life in the chaos that is left behind. They dream of rebuilding the Empire, this time free of the corruption that destroyed it, and firmly based on the island of Britain. Their dream is a thousand years premature, but the first step towards it is the unification of the country under one man, a monarch whose fame will echo through the ages: Publius' great grandson: Arthur Pendragon, King of the Britons.
  • Cover scan of Cold Winter In Bordeaux
    Cold Winter In Bordeaux
    Allan Massie - Paperback - Quartet
    Winter, 1942-43. The war is turning against Germany on the Eastern Front. The Americans land in North Africa. Meanwhile in Bordeaux, Superintendent Lannes investigates the murder of a woman.
  • Cover scan of The Complete Sherlock Holmes Short Stories
    The Complete Sherlock Holmes Short Stories
    Arthur Conan Doyle - Hardback - Benediction Classics
    This edition includes the five Sherlock Holmes collections bringing together the 56 short stories.
  • Cover scan of Murders Most Foul
    Murders Most Foul
    Alanna Knight - Paperback - Allison & Busby
    1861. When the body of an unknown woman is found in an Edinburgh close, Detective Constable Faro assumes the killing is a random act of violence - until he finds a playing card, the nine of diamonds, underneath her corpse. His superiors scoff at his suspicions of a serial killer, but days later a man is attacked in the street, and left badly bruised and battered with the nine of diamonds in his pocket. Faro believes there is a connection.
  • Cover scan of Lancelot
    Jack Whyte - Paperback - Sphere
    A mighty warrior. A faithful friend. An immortal love. As Arthur forges a union in Britain, across the sea a royal son is denied his birthright. The Romans are gone and war is coming to Gaul. In an age of cruelty and barbarism, Lancelot - known as Clothar - has been raised to champion justice and righteousness, but as his boyhood world in Gaul disintegrates, he seeks sanctuary in a new home: Britain. There he finds Arthur Pendragon, newly crowned High King, who, dreams, like Clothar himself, of living in a better world. The friendship of these men, and the love they share for a woman, will grow into Britain's most enduring legend.
  • Cover scan of The Last Stand
    The Last Stand
    Jack Whyte - Paperback - Sphere
    Heroes united. Camelot threatened. A fight to the end. In a wintry shelter, hidden from marauders, the warrior Lancelot and Arthur, High King of Britain, conceive of an order of knights to defend the newly united kingdom from all who would destroy it. Camelot, the High King's seat, is the wonder of the land, and the rule of Arthur and his beautiful queen Guinevere promises to bring about a new era of peace and prosperity. Yet love tests loyalty to the breaking point, while renewed threats of war in the north force Arthur to look to the defences of his kingdom and take steps to ensure that the dream which he has worked so hard to achieve will not be destroyed.
  • Cover scan of The Complete Sherlock Holmes

    The Complete Sherlock Holmes
    Arthur Conan Doyle - Hardback - Race Point
    This book contains all the investigations and adventures of the world's most popular detective, Sherlock Holmes.
  • Cover scan of A Burden Shared
    A Burden Shared: The Dundee Murders
    Malcolm Archibald - Paperback - Fledgling
    Following on from his adventures in 'The Darkest Walk', Sergean Mendick is sent to Dundee to collect a prisoner and expects a speedy return to London. Instead, an unfortunate turn of events sees him retained to help solve a particularly gruesome murder. Within days Mendick finds himself leading the hunt for the mysterious China Jim who appears to control the criminal classes of Dundee through fear.

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