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  • Cover scan of Legend Of The Dead Men's Gold
    Legend Of The Dead Men's Gold
    I. J. Parnham - Hardback - Robert Hale
    Trip Kincaid had always been fascinated by the legend of the dead men's gold: it was said that the last member of the Helliton gang had cursed the stash, claiming that if he couldn't have it, nobody would. So, with the gold still unclaimed, and the bones of a hundred men scattered around it, Trip Kincaid's disappearance is cause for alarm.
  • Cover scan of Night Of The Gunslinger
    Night Of The Gunslinger
    I. J. Parnham - Hardback - Robert Hale
    With the town marshal laid up with a broken leg, Deputy Rick Cody must stand alone to protect New Town during a night of mayhem. At sunup Edison Dent will stand trial for Ogden Reed's murder and although Rick suspects that Edison is innocent, he also reckons his own sister knows more than she's prepared to reveal. With Rick having only one night to uncover the truth, his task is made harder when the outlaw Hedley Beecher plots to free the prisoner while Ogden's brother Logan vows to kill Edison and anyone who stands in his way. Within an hour of sundown four men are dead. And so begins the longest and bloodiest night of Rick's life.
  • Cover scan of Devine
    I. J. Parnham - Hardback - Robert Hale
    Pinkerton detective Nimrod Dunn is hired by Lieutenant Governor Maddix Kingsley to infiltrate an outlaw gang, but when Nimrod's cover is blown an innocent life is lost in the raging gun battle.
  • Cover scan of Beyond Redemption
    Beyond Redemption
    I. J. Parnham - Hardback - Robert Hale
    As a child Jeff Dale witnessed the terrible aftermath of an atrocity. Elmer Drake killed three members of a family and when the surviving girl Cynthia went missing, Jeff vowed that one day he'd fine her, no matter how long it took.
  • Cover scan of Sheriff Without A Star
    Sheriff Without A Star
    I. J. Parnham - Hardback - Robert Hale
    Despite his four years of service Sheriff Cassidy Yates lost the confidence of Monotony's townsfolk because his error of judgement has led to the death of Leland Matlock's son. But when the star Cassidy had worn with pride was removed from his chest, Leland claimed he knew something that would shed new light on the sheriff's downfall.
  • Cover scan of Captain Talbot's Reckoning
    Captain Talbot's Reckoning
    Anne Dorman Leishman - Hardback - Robert Hale
    Captain Nathan Talbot just about lost everything in the late Civil War, including his self-respect and his honour. Thinking his days of notoriety were over, Talbot is thrust back into action when he agrees to help a family in deep trouble.
  • Cover scan of The Eagles Legacy
    The Eagles Legacy
    William W. Johnstone - Paperback - Pinnacle
    The Scottish Highlands, 1885. Two men, brandishing knives, attack a young woman outside a pub. Duff MacCallister steps in and saves her - killing one of the assailants. Big mistake. The attacker was the sheriff's son, and now MacCallister is marked for death.
  • Cover scan of Bleached Bones In The Dust
    Bleached Bones In The Dust
    I. J. Parnham - Hardback - Robert Hale
    Bounty hunter Montgomery Grant searched for 20 years for Lomax Rhinehart, so when he is told Lomax is in Sunrise, he heads to the town. But Arnold Hays and his gunslingers have the town in a grip of fear and he can't find Lomax anywhere.
  • Cover scan of The Seventh Circle
    The Seventh Circle
    Paul Henke - Paperback - Good Read
    When Richard Griffiths' world is turned upside down he expects the justice system to take action. But the powers that be have another agenda and Richard finds himself embroiled in the sinister world of terrorists and international politics.
  • Cover scan of Breakheart Pass
    Breakheart Pass
    Alistair MacLean - Paperback - HarperCollins
    A trop train is travelling along one of the most desolate stretches of railroad in the West, bound for a cholera-stricken garrison at Fort Humboldt. On board are the Governor of Nevada, the daughter of the fort's commander and a US marshal escorting a prisoner. Between them and safety are the hostile Paiute Indians.

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