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  • Cover scan of Beyond Redemption
    Beyond Redemption
    I. J. Parnham - Hardback - Robert Hale
    As a child Jeff Dale witnessed the terrible aftermath of an atrocity. Elmer Drake killed three members of a family and when the surviving girl Cynthia went missing, Jeff vowed that one day he'd fine her, no matter how long it took.
  • Cover scan of Bleached Bones In The Dust
    Bleached Bones In The Dust
    I. J. Parnham - Hardback - Robert Hale
    Bounty hunter Montgomery Grant searched for 20 years for Lomax Rhinehart, so when he is told Lomax is in Sunrise, he heads to the town. But Arnold Hays and his gunslingers have the town in a grip of fear and he can't find Lomax anywhere.
  • Cover scan of Breakheart Pass
    Breakheart Pass
    Alistair MacLean - Paperback - HarperCollins
    A trop train is travelling along one of the most desolate stretches of railroad in the West, bound for a cholera-stricken garrison at Fort Humboldt. On board are the Governor of Nevada, the daughter of the fort's commander and a US marshal escorting a prisoner. Between them and safety are the hostile Paiute Indians.

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