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  • Cover scan of The Butcher
    The Butcher: Anatomy Of A Mafia Psychopath
    Philip Carlo - Paperback - Mainstream
    Written by the best-selling author of 'The Ice Man', 'The Butcher' is a disturbing fly-on-the-wall account of the US Drug Enforcement Administration's four-year hunt to bring down Tommy 'Karate' Pitera, a drug-dealing, murderous capo in the Bonanno crime family.
  • Cover scan of McGraw
    McGraw: The Incredible Untold Story Of Tam 'The Licensee' McGraw
    Reg McKay - Paperback - Black & White
    Tam McGraw was one of Glasgow's most dangerous gangsters. He rose from poverty in the city's East End to amass a vast fortune from crime and, when he died in 2007, his empire stretched from Glasgow to the Canaries. This is the incredible untold story of 'the Licensee'.
  • Cover scan of No Angel
    No Angel: My Undercover Journey To The Heart Of The Hells Angels
    Jay Dobyns - Paperback - Canongate
    In 2001 Jay Dobyns infiltrated a Hells Angels chapter operating in Arizona, in a highly secretive ATF investigation code named Operation Black Biscuit. This book lifts the lid on the world's most infamous underworld motorcycle gang.
  • Cover scan of The Iceman
    The Iceman: The Rise And Fall Of A Crime Lord
    Jim Wilson - Paperback - Birlinn
    The trial and conviction of Jamie Stevenson has laid bare the blood-soaked criminal career of Scotland's most dangerous crime lord. This is the full story of the law-breaking, the violence and the rise and fall of one of our most dangerous crime lords.
  • Cover scan of Edinburgh Murders & Misdemeanours
    Edinburgh Murders & Misdemeanours
    David Brandon - Paperback - Amberley
    This collection of real life crimes vividly recreates the events surrounding them, offering an insight not only into criminal law but also into the social history attached to crime as society evolved and adapted to meet changing industries and class structures.
  • BDS Thumbnail Image
    Hibs Boy: The Life And Violent Times Of Scotland's Most Notorious Football Hooligan
    Andy Blance - Paperback - Fort
    Andy Blance was one of the first football casuals, and as a leading light of Hibs Capital City Service (CSS) he was right at the heart of the mayhem that swept through the Scottish game in the 1980s and 90s. This is his compelling and moving account of the influences that drove him to become Scotland's most violent football thug.
  • Cover scan of The Night Stalker
    The Night Stalker: The Life And Crimes Of One Of America's Deadliest Killers
    Philip Carlo - Paperback - Mainstream
    From Ramirez's early brushes with the law to his deadly stalking expeditions, to the police and civilian manhunt that resulted in one of the most sensational trials in California's history, this is the story of America's most feared serial murderer.
  • Cover scan of The Corner
    The Corner: A Year In The Life Of An Inner-City Neighbourhood
    David Simon - Paperback - Canongate
    The crime-infested intersection of West Fayette and Monroe Streets is well-known - and cautiously avoided - by most of Baltimore. David Simon and Edward Burns tell the chilling story of this desolate crossroad.
  • Cover scan of The Law Killers
    The Law Killers
    Alexander McGregor - Paperback - Black & White
    In 'The Law Killers', journalist Alexander McGregor examines some of the people and deeds, which have terrorised Dundonian communities. Having reported on many of them first-hand, he has unique insight into the cases and they are as chilling as they are compelling.
  • Cover scan of The Mafia Rat
    The Mafia Rat: A True Story
    Jimmy Breslin - Paperback - Mainstream
    He came from the same streets as mob bosses John Gotti & Vito Genovese. Before 'Scarface', 'The Godfather' or 'The Sopranos', there was Pulitzer Prize winner Jimmy Breslin. In 'The Mafia Rat', Breslin shows us the people and places that defined the Mafia.

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