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  • Cover scan of The Knights Templar And Scotland
    The Knights Templar And Scotland
    Robert Ferguson - Paperback - The History Press
    This text intertwines Templar and Scottish history, beginning with an overview of the Templars, then applying this to Templar life in Scotland. It describes the Templar arrests in France and contrasts this with the Templar Inquisition at Holyrood. It then follows the Templars from Bannockburn to the present.
  • Cover scan of Arran
    Arran: A History
    Thorbjo╠łrn Campbell - Paperback - Birlinn
    A fascinating and comprehensive account of Arran's long and eventful history, which stretches back to the great stone circles more than 5000 years old.
  • Cover scan of Dumfries & Galloway Curiosities
    Dumfries & Galloway Curiosities
    David Carroll - Paperback - History
    Along with its rich history and spectacular scenery, Dumfries and Galloway is home to a great many curious and unusual buildings, objects and landscape features that have survived the centuries. This is a guide to 100 of these remarkable sights, including Scotland's highest village, the world's narrowest hotel, and even the statue of a rhinoceros on top of a bus shelter.
  • Cover scan of On Glasgow And Edinburgh
    On Glasgow And Edinburgh
    Robert Crawford - Hardback - The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press
    A mere forty miles apart, these cities have enjoyed a scratchy rivalry since wistful Edinburgh lost parliamentary sovereignty and defiant Glasgow came into its industrial promise. Crawford brings them to life between the covers of one book, in a tale that mixes novelty and familiarity, as Scotland's cultural capital and largest commercial city do.
  • Cover scan of A Pocket History Of Scotland
    A Pocket History Of Scotland
    Tony Potter - Hardback - Gill & Macmillan
    From prehistoric times to the present day this comprehensive history presents the story of Scotland in bite-size chunks. With full colour illustrations throughout this is an attractive and practical guide to Scotland's colourful history.
  • Cover scan of Scotland The Brief
    Scotland The Brief: A Short History Of A Nation
    Christopher Harvie - Paperback - Argyll
    Scotland's history is a subject of endless fascination. Christopher Harvie gives a brief outline for the beginner. The role of the Kirk, the affairs of kings and queens and would-be monarchs are covered. Then Scotland's effort to expand her economy through the Darien Scheme which lead to the Union with England is detailed.
  • Cover scan of The British
    Britain's DNA: A Genetic Journey
    Alistair Moffat - Hardback - Birlinn
    Hidden inside all of us - every human being on Earth - is the story of our ancestry. Printed on our DNA are the origins of our lineages, the time in history and prehistory when then arose, the epic journeys people have made across the globe. Based on new research involving the most wide-ranging sampling of DNA ever made in Britain, Alistair Moffat, shows how all of us who live on these islands are immigrants.
  • Cover scan of Burns Night
    Burns Night: A Freestyle Guide
    Boyd Baines - Hardback - Saraband
    This is a cheeky guide which provides you with all the inspiration you need to host and toast one of the world's greatest birthday parties. Whether you're a veteran of this great tradition or you're going to your first Supper, this guide has the lowdown, from addressing the haggis to toasting the bard's immortal memory.
  • BDS Thumbnail Image
    Air Bilean An T-Sluaigh
    Maighread A. Challan - Hardback - Queen's University of Belfast
    This is a study of the continuation of the Gaelic oral tradition in North Uist.
  • Cover scan of Ayrshire Then & Now
    Ayrshire Then & Now
    Dane Love - Hardback - History
    Home to stunning countryside, 6 rivers, 60 miles of sandy beaches, and over 40 castles, Ayrshire is a county ingrained with a fascinating history. It has notable links to Robert Burns, William Wallace and Robert the Bruce, not to mention some of the finest golf course in the world. This book takes a trip down memory lane, comparing old photographs of the region with the same scenes today.

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