British & Irish History: C 1700 To C 1900

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  • Cover scan of Rob Roy MacGregor
    Rob Roy Macgregor
    Nigel G. Tranter - Paperback - Neil Wilson
    Rob Roy MacGregor was mythologised by Sir Walter Scott but was very much a fact in the Trossachs of Scotland in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. Scott's romantic image is, however, far from the rogue which Nigel Tranter protrays in this work.
  • Cover scan of The Good Sir James
    The Good Sir James: The Life And Times Of Sir James Grant Of Grant Of Castle Grant
    G. M. Fraser - Paperback - Librario
    Sir James Grant of Grant was one of the leaders of the 'Age of Improvement', overseeing agricultural advances and even town planning when he established the village of Grantown on Spey. During the famine of 1782/3 Sir James' initiative kept the population from starving by importing grain, largely at his own expense.
  • Cover scan of Mrs Robinson's Disgrace
    Mrs Robinson's Disgrace: The Private Diary Of A Victorian Lady
    Kate Summerscale - Hardback - Bloomsbury
    A story of romance and fidelity, insanity, fantasy and the boundaries of privacy in a society clinging to rigid ideas about marriage and female sexuality, 'Mrs Robinson's Disgrace' brings vividly to life a complex, frustrated Victorian wife, longing for passion and learning, companionship and love.
  • Cover scan of The Lowland Clearances
    The Lowland Clearances: Scotland's Silent Revolution, 1760-1830
    Peter Aitchison - Paperback - Birlinn
    The number of people who left the Lowlands during the agricultural revolution far exceeded the number exiled from the Highlands. And yet, compared to the Highlands, very little has been written or published about the Lowland Clearances. This book aims to redress that imbalance.
  • Cover scan of Bonnie Prince Charlie
    Bonnie Prince Charlie: A Life
    Peter Piniński - Paperback - Amberley
    Prince Charles Edward's life is often focused on the 1745 Rising. But this new biography charts his early life and reveals the Polish origin of his astonishing dynamism and brittle psyche. Peter Pininski also vividly relates the story of the prince's only child and heir and three hidden grandchildren.
  • Cover scan of Culloden
    Culloden: The History And Archaeology Of The Last Clan Battle
    - Paperback - Pen & Sword Military
    A team of historians and archaeologists reconsider every aspect of the battle at Culloden Moor on 19 April 1746, examining the latest historical and archaeological evidence, questioning every assumption, and rewriting the story of the campaign in vivid detail.
  • Cover scan of Lord Balfour And His Relation To Science
    Lord Balfour And His Relation To Science
    Robert John Strutt Rayleigh - Paperback - Cambridge University Press
    This 1930 book provides a memoir of former Conservative Prime Minister Lord Balfour's relationship to scientific thought.
  • Cover scan of The Two Unions
    The Two Unions: Ireland, Scotland, And The Survival Of The United Kingdom, 1707-2007
    Alvin Jackson - Hardback - Oxford University Press
    Alvin Jackson examines the two Unions - the Anglo-Scots Union of 1707 and the British-Irish of 1801 - comparing their background, birth, and survival. In sustaining a comparison between the Unions, he illuminates the long history and current state of the United Kingdom.
  • Cover scan of Character, Self, And Sociability In The Scottish Enlightenment
    Character, Self, And Sociability In The Scottish Enlightenment
    - Hardback - Palgrave Macmillan
    An interdisciplinary examination of the Enlightenment character and its broader significance. Whilst the main focus of the book is the Scottish Enlightenment, contributors also employ a transatlantic scope by considering parallel developments in Europe, and America.
  • Cover scan of Scotland And The British Empire
    Scotland And The British Empire
    - Hardback - Oxford University Press
    This volume examines the key roles of Scots in central aspects of the Atlantic and imperial economies from the 18th to the 20th centuries, and demonstrates that an understanding of the relationship between Scotland and the British Empire is vital for the understanding of the histories of that country and of many territories of the Empire.

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