History Of Other Lands

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See also: World History

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There were 4 items found.
  • Cover scan of My Arctic Summer
    My Arctic Summer
    Agnieszka Latocha - Paperback - Whittles
    For those who have already travelled to the Arctic, this book will be a welcome reminder of their own experiences, while for others it will open a window on the complex nature of the Arctic environment and the joys and hardships connected with any polar expedition, all within the backdrop of the susceptibility of these areas to change.
  • Cover scan of Scotland, The Caribbean And The Atlantic World, 1750-1820
    Scotland, The Caribbean And The Atlantic World, 1750-1820
    Douglas J. Hamilton - Paperback - Manchester University Press
    This is the first book devoted to assessing the array of links between Scotland and the Caribbean in the later 18th century. It uses a range of archival sources to paint a detailed picture of the lives of thousands of Scots who sought fortunes and opportunities, as Burns wrote , 'across th'Atlantic roar'.
  • Cover scan of A Poetics Of Resistance
    A Poetics Of Resistance: The Revolutionary Public Relations Of The Zapatista Insurgency
    Jeff Conant - Paperback - AK
    Part literary criticism, part media analysis, and part marketing handbook, 'A Poetics of Resistance' provides a refreshingly new take on the Zapatistas.
  • Cover scan of Paradoxes Of Utopia
    Paradoxes Of Utopia: Anarchist Culture And Politics In Buenos Aires, 1890-1910
    Juan Suriano - Paperback - AK
    This title explores how a revolutionary ideology was woven into the ordinary lives of the people of Argentina, creating a complex tapestry of symbols, rituals and daily practices that supported and created the Argentine labour movement.

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