Western Philosophy

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See also: Philosophy & Culture

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There were 3 items found.
  • Cover scan of The Idea Of Commercial Society In The Scottish Enlightenment
    The Idea Of Commercial Society In The Scottish Enlightenment
    Christopher J. Berry - Hardback - Edinburgh University Press
    Christopher Berry highlights a central novelty of the Scottish Enlightenment, its unprecedented discussion of the inter-dependency of relations in a commercial society.
  • Cover scan of Scottish Philosophy In America
    Scottish Philosophy In America
    - Paperback - Imprint Academic
    The Scottish Enlightenment provided the fledgling United States of America and its emerging universities with a philosophical orientation. This volume demonstrates the remarkable extent of this influence.
  • Cover scan of Philosophy And Love
    Philosophy And Love: From Plato To Popular Culture
    Linnell Secomb - Paperback - Edinburgh University Press
    'Philosophy and Love' introduces the history of philosophical reflections on love and courtly, rationalist, romantic, modern, postmodern and feminist conceptions. It explores what is meant by Plantonic love, discusses the influence of homoerotics, and raises the question of the 'other' in the love relation.

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