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  • Cover scan of Lucky Luciano
    Lucky Luciano: Mafia Murderer And Secret Agent
    Timothy Newark - Paperback - Mainstream
    For the first 25 years of his criminal career, Charles 'Lucky' Luciano was a vicious mobster, king of the New York underworld. For the next 25 years of his life, Luciano was a legend, but a fake master criminal without real power, his evil reputation manipulated and maintained by the government agents who had put him behind bars.
  • Cover scan of Criminal Behaviour
    Criminal Behaviour
    - Hardback - Freight
    A hilarious collection of anecdotes from police, lawyers and others involved in the justice system. Whether buck naked gun-wielding criminals or clueless cons grassing themselves up on social media, our valiant officers of the law have seen it all in the line of duty.
  • Cover scan of Constitutional Violence
    Constitutional Violence: Legitimacy, Democracy And Human Rights
    Ninet - Paperback - Edinburgh University Press
    If constitutional legitimacy is based on violence, what does this mean for democracy? Almost every stat in the world has a written consitution. The great majority of these declare the constitution to be the law controlling the organs of the state. We tend to label western liberal political systems into a domain of politics where the people rule and a domain of law that is set aside for a trained elite. Legal, poltical and constitutional practices seem to be irreconcilable. Is good government feasible and is a constitutional system the best device to rule a country? Can the public and legal sovereignties be reconciled?
  • Cover scan of Fishermen, Randies And Fraudsters
    Fishermen, Randies And Fraudsters: Crime In 19th Century Aberdeen And The North East
    Malcolm Archibald - Paperback - B&W
    A collection of fascinating stories about Aberdeen and the North East's colourful criminal past.
  • Cover scan of Whisky Wars, Riots And Murder
    Whisky Wars, Riots And Murder: Crime In The 19th Century Highlands And Islands
    Malcolm Archibald - Paperback - Black & White Publishing
    Although the 19th-century elite looked on the Highlands and Islands as a sporting paradise, for the indigenous population it was a turbulent place. Rather than a rural idyll, the glens and moors were home to poachers and whisky smugglers, while the towns were always ready to explode into riot and disorder. Even the Hebridean seas had their dangers while the islands seethed with discontent. 'Whisky Wars, Riots and Murder' reveals the reality behind the facade of romantic tartan and vast estates.
  • Cover scan of A Fine Day For A Hanging
    A Fine Day For A Hanging: The Ruth Ellis Story
    Carol Ann Lee - Paperback - Mainstream Publishing
    In 1955, Ruth Ellis shot dead her lover, David Blakely. After a trial that lasted less than two days, she was found guilty and sentenced to death, becoming the last woman to be hanged in Britain. Despite her infamy, Ruth's story has never been fully told. Here, Carol Ann Lee examines the facts without agenda or sensation.
  • Cover scan of The Cartel
    The Cartel: The Inside Story Of Britain's Biggest Drugs Gang
    Graham Johnson - Paperback - Mainstream Publishing
    The Cartel is Britain's biggest drugs organisation - a shadowy network stretching from the banks of the Mersey to the marinas of Marbella, and from the coffee shops of Amsterdam to the trading floors of Canary Wharf. It is run by godfathers as rich as Branson but kept in line by a new generation of teenage killers. This is their story.
  • Cover scan of Crime And Community In Reformation Scotland
    Crime And Community In Reformation Scotland: Negotiating Power In A Burgh Society
    Robert Falconer - Hardback - Pickering & Chatto
    Based on church and state records from the burgh of Aberdeen, this study explores the deeper social meaning behind petty crime during the Reformation. Falconer argues that an analysis of both criminal behaviour and law enforcement provides a unique view into the workings of an early modern urban Scottish community.
  • Cover scan of The Cocaine Diaries
    The Cocaine Diaries: A Venezuelan Prison Nightmare
    Paul Keany - Paperback - Mainstream Publishing
    When Paul Keany proceeded through Caracas airport in Venezuela with six kilos of cocaine hidden in his suitcase, he was expecting a holiday in the sun with a pay packet of 10,000 Euros: enough to pay off a bank loan and a few small debts. But Paul quickly realised he was in serious trouble.
  • Cover scan of A Glasgow Gang Observed
    A Glasgow Gang Observed
    James Patrick - Paperback - Neil Wilson Publishing
    In the 1960's a 26-year-old schoolmaster at a Scottish reformatory (List D) School, under the alias of James Patrick, went undercover with the help of one of his pupils to study the often violent behaviour of the teenagers in a gang in Glasgow. This book became one of the first published observations of a Glasgow gang. This third edition features a new preface from the author.

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