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  • Cover scan of But The Distilleries Went On
    But The Distilleries Went On
    Ian Buxton - Hardback - Angels' Share
    Morrison Bowmore Distillers (MBD) started life in 1951 as an independent player in an industry largely dominated by the dinosaur that was The Distillers Company. Its founder was Stanley P. Morrison who, with partner James Howat, astutely built the company into one of Scotch Whiskey's major players. Then, with the assistance of Stanley's sons Brian and Tim they eventually created a distillery portfolio of Bowmore, Auchentoshan and Glen Garioch. A considerable trade in bulk whiskey was built up but as this market declined and interest in singly malt grew, the firm developed its branded business. This volume traces the early beginnings of MBD and charts the development of the company over six decades as it grew and prospered.
  • Cover scan of Stillhouse Stories, Tunroom Tales
    Stillhouse Stories, Tunroom Tales
    - Paperback - Angels' Share
    In this informative and entertaining series of interviews leading whisky writer Gavin D. Smith reveals the workings of the Scotch whisky industry from characters who have lived and worked in the business of making Scotch. Some are nostalgic, harkening back to a former era when the Health & Safety mandarins did not exist, while other are contemporary and reveal how things work today. The 12 interviews are accompanied by black and white photographs of the participants along with archival illustrations not published before.
  • Cover scan of The Whisky Distilleries Of The United Kingdom
    The Whisky Distilleries Of The United Kingdom
    Alfred Barnard - Hardback - Birlinn
    In 1885, Alfred Barnard was secretary of 'Harper's Weekly Gazette', a journal that featured facets of the wine and spirit trade. In order to provide his readers with a history of the trade, he visited all the distilleries in Scotland, Ireland and England. This work covers Barnard's comments.
  • Cover scan of Glenfarclas 175
    Glenfarclas 175: An Independent Distillery
    Ian Buxton - Hardback - Angels' Share
    It is rare for any business established in the reign of William IV to remain in family ownership in 2011, but that is exactly what Glenfarclas distillery has achieved under the management and care of the Grant family. This book is a testament to one of Speyside's most famous malts.
  • Cover scan of The Whisky River
    The Whisky River: The Distilleries Of Speyside
    Robin Laing - Paperback - Luath
    Singer-songwriter and chair of the Scottish Whisky Society's Tasting Panel Robert Laing set out to visit every distillery in the Speyside area. Here he presents a guide to each of them, in a book that is part history, part travelogue and part commentary on the changes in the whisky industry.
  • Cover scan of The Buttercup
    The Buttercup: The Remarkable Story Of Andrew Ewing And The Buttercup Dairy Company
    Bill Scott - Paperback - Leghorn
    Close to being lost to history, the remarkable story of Andrew Ewing and his Buttercup Dairy Company is recounted by Bill Scott, who was born and riased on the company's farm in Edinburgh.
  • Cover scan of Goodness Nose
    Goodness Nose: The Passionate Revelations Of A Scotch Whisky Master Blender
    Richard Paterson - Paperback - Angels' Share
    This is a candid insight into the art and craft of Scotch whisky blenders working with Whyte & Mackay in Glasgow.
  • Cover scan of The Enduring Legacy Of Dewars
    The Enduring Legacy Of Dewars: A Company History
    Ian Buxton - Paperback - Angels' Share
    The rags to riches story of John Dewar & Sons is probably the most colourful of any whisky company, largely owing to the remarkable talents of John Dewar's two sons, John Alexander Dewar and his brother Thomas - and as such provides an insight into the Scotch whisky industry during its formative and most colourful era.
  • Cover scan of Bad Whisky
    Bad Whisky: The Scandal That Created The World's Most Successful Spirit
    Edward Burns - Paperback - Angels' Share
    This is a unique insight into the Victorian scandal which raged at the end of the 19th century surrounding the adulteration of whisky in public houses throughout the UK.
  • Cover scan of Scotland's Malt Whisky Distilleries
    Scotland's Malt Whisky Distilleries
    John Hughes - Paperback - History
    In Scotland, between 1750 and the present day, over 700 distilleries have been legally registered to make single malt Scotch whisky. Many had very short lives. The story of every one of the 88 surviving distilleries is told in this book.

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