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There were 4 items found.
  • Cover scan of Scottish Steam, 1948-67
    Scottish Steam, 1948-67
    Brian J. Dickson - Paperback - History
    This title chronicles the end of the steam trains in Scotland. It covers the whole of the country and shows the wide variety of steam power that was in operation, from the early 0-4-4s and 0-4-0s to the more modern classes of LNER, LSR and BR Standard.
  • Cover scan of The Briggers
    The Briggers
    Elspeth Wills - Paperback - Birlinn
    The Forth Bridge has long been recognised as one of the finest examples of Victorian engineering on the planet and has achieved an iconic status. Lavishly illustrated throughout with stunning archive images, Elspeth Wills uncovers the human story behind 'the engineering marvel'.
  • Cover scan of Battle For The North
    Battle For The North: The Tay And Forth Bridges And The 19th-Century Railway Wars
    Charles McKean - Paperback - Granta
    Presenting a dramatic and scandalous story of the building of the Tay and Forth Bridges and the 19th century railway wars, this work explores the complicated reality underlying the Victorian pursuit of progress.
  • Cover scan of Lancashire & Cumberland's Last Days Of Colliery Steam
    Lancashire & Cumberland's Last Days Of Colliery Steam
    G. T. Heavyside - Hardback - Stenlake
    This is a collection of 1970s photographs taken by the author chronicling, as the title suggests, the final days of the steam locomotive at collieries in Cumberland and Llancashire. The photos are accompanied by captions identifying the locomotives and giving an account of their smoke-filled lives.

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