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There were 6 items found.
  • Cover scan of Jokes Cracked By Lord Aberdeen
    Jokes Cracked By Lord Aberdeen
    - Hardback - The Friday Project
    'Jokes Cracked by Lord Aberdeen' is the least funny joke book ever written. This beautiful facsimile hardback is a perfect present for relatives you hate, your humourless aunt, and any Scots you know. This edition will bring Lord Aberdeen's dour attempts at humour to a new generation.
  • Cover scan of Scottish Jokes
    Scottish Jokes
    - Paperback - Waverley
    Scottish Jokes takes an irreverent view of Scotland and the Scots, and pokes fun, in a light-hearted way, at a nation renowned for its sense of humour - because it is free!
  • Cover scan of Why Did The Haggis Cross The Road?
    Why Did The Haggis Cross The Road-: And Other Scottish Jokes
    Stuart McLean - Paperback - Crombie Jardine
    From kilts and haggis, to whisky, fitba and the legendary stereotype of thriftiness, this collection of jokes pokes fun at Glaswegians, Aberdonians, Dundonians and Teeries in equal measure.
  • Cover scan of The Almost Completely Ultimate Weegie Jokebook
    The Almost Completely Ultimate Weegie Jokebook
    Ian Black - Paperback - Black & White
    A collection of gems both rough and polished from the rich Glasgow seam of jokes, anecdotes and tall tales.
  • Cover scan of Ned Jokes
    Ned Jokes
    Lee Bok - Paperback - Crombie Jardine
    Forget the jokes that have been doing the e-mail rounds at work - here is a collection of new Ned funnies.
  • Cover scan of Laugh Scotland!
    Laugh Scotland!
    Allan Morrison - Paperback - Vital Spark
    'Laugh Scotland!' is a bumper volume of contemporary and classic Scottish jokes.

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