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    Motherwell: Champions Of Scotland, 1931-32
    Alex Smith - Hardback - Desert Island
    Illustrated with photographs from the period, this volume looks in detail at Motherwell Football Club's Scottish League Championship-winning campaign during the 1931-1932 season, and will be of interest both to Motherwell fans and those with a general interest in the Scottish football scene.
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    Ossie: King Of Stamford Bridge
    Peter Osgood - Paperback - Mainstream
    In a 16-year career spent with Chelsea and Southampton, Osgood made 560 appearances, scoring 220 goals and winning two FA Cup winners medals. 'Ossie' tells the story of the career and the rollercoaster life of the man who spearheaded a team that made as many headlines off the field as on.
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    The Rise And Rise Of Charlton Athletic: From Portokabins To Porto Captains
    Mick Collins - Paperback - Mainstream
    This title tells the tale of Charlton Athletic. Having 'nicked' a late equaliser and scraped a draw with the official receiver, the 'Addicks' spent most of the late 1980's reeling from a string of financial body blows, but the club clawed its way back from the edge of the precipice.
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    Seventy-One Guns: The Year Of The First Arsenal Double
    David Tossell - Paperback - Mainstream
    The 1970-71 football season proved historic as Arsenal achieved the first double of football's televised era amid controversy and drama. This text includes interviews with the Arsenal players and coaches and recreates that memorable season.
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    Playing For Uncle Sam: The Brits' Story Of The North American Soccer League
    David Tossell - Paperback - Mainstream
    Through interviews with many of the British contingent who accepted the offer of the Yankee dollar, 'Playing For Uncle Sam' recalls one of the most fascinating episodes in football history: the remarkable rise and chaotic collapse of the North American Soccer League.
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    Sami Hyypiä: From Voikkaa To The Premiership
    Sami Hyypiä - Paperback - Mainstream
    This candid autobiography focuses on Sami Hyypiä's eventful journey from his home village of Voikkaa to the heights of English premiership football as a pivotal member of the Liverpool team. It charts his life from childhood and documents his astonishing rise to fame in football.
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    Walk On: Celtic Since McCann
    David Potter - Paperback - Fort
    'Walk On' tells the story of Celtic Football Club since it was taken over by Fergus McCann in 1993. The book is comprehensive and is arranged on a season-by-seaon basis.
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    White Storm: 101 Years Of Real Madrid
    Phil Ball - Paperback - Mainstream
    This text divides Real Madrid's history into six periods - from its foundations, through the war years, to the golden period of Di Stefano and Puskas; the 'hippie years'; the 'Quinta del Buitre' and ending with the modern period.
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    The King: Denis Law, Hero Of The Stretford End
    Brian Hughes - Hardback - Empire
    In the summer of 1962 Lawmania hit Old Trafford as fans instantly recognised a player brilliant enough to win games almost single-handedly. Over the next six seasons, he proved the catalyst for Matt Busby's final push for European glory and, though he missed the final in 1968, few doubted his influence.
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    Into The Red: Liverpool FC And The Changing Face Of English Football
    John Williams - Paperback - Mainstream
    After a decade in football wilderness and weighed down by the legacy of a successful past, Liverpool F.C. appear to have turned a corner. This book charts their resurgence and highlights the importance of football to the city.

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