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  • Cover scan of When Friday Comes
    When Friday Comes: Football In The War Zone
    James Montague - Paperback - Mainstream
    'When Friday Comes' is an insightful, humorous account of James Montague's journey through the Middle East, during which he encounters a rioting group of fanatical young Jews who do a passable line in mockney, and the Iraqi national team, who strip him and make him dance for them on their team bus.
  • Cover scan of When Two Worlds Collide
    Tears in Argentina: Celtic, Racing Club And The Battle Of Montevideo
    Tom Campbell - Paperback - Fort
    Tom Campbell presents the full story of Celtic's infamous series of matches with the champions of South America. Celtic were attempting to become the first British team to be crowned world-club champions but were not allowed to play the football they were capable of thanks to the brutality of their opponents.
  • Cover scan of Walking Down The Somerset Road
    Walking Down The Somerset Road: The Complete History Of Ayr United
    Duncan Carmichael - Paperback - Fort
    Founded in 1910 after Parkhouse and Ayr FC amalgamated, Ayr United have become one of the established members of the Scottish football league. This book traces the history, honours and noted ex-players and managers of 'the honest men'.
  • Cover scan of Who's Who Of Chelsea
    Who's Who Of Chelsea
    Tony Matthews - Paperback - Mainstream
    'Who's Who of Chelsea' is the comprehensive guide to the legendary London club that promises to settle any disputes amongst supporters of the club once and for all. Packed with facts and statistics, it contains profiles of every Chelsea player to have appeared in a competitive match for the team since 1905.
  • Cover scan of Wayne Rooney
    Wayne Rooney: Simply Red
    Frank Worrall - Paperback - Mainstream
    This publication tells the full, explosive story of Wayne Rooney's rise to fame. It delves beneath the headlines and the scandal to build a portrait of Rooney's crazy life so far as a young football star.
  • Cover scan of Who's Who Of Everton
    Who's Who Of Everton
    Tony Matthews - Hardback - Mainstream
    A complete guide to the legendary Merseyside club that will settle any disputes amongst its supporters once and for all. Filled with facts and statistics, it contains profiles of every Everton player to have appeared in a competitive match for the team since their first appearance in the FA Cup in 1887.
  • Cover scan of Wizards And Bravehearts
    Wizards And Bravehearts: A History Of The Scottish National Side
    David Potter - Hardback - Tempus
    The history of Scotland's national football team from 1872 to 2004 is full of highs and lows. Here are the stories of the Scotland team, including the 1920s when they were probably the best in the world, the underperformances of the 1950's and 1960's and the disasters of Argentina in 1978.
  • Cover scan of Walk On
    Walk On: Celtic Since McCann
    David Potter - Paperback - Fort
    'Walk On' tells the story of Celtic Football Club since it was taken over by Fergus McCann in 1993. The book is comprehensive and is arranged on a season-by-seaon basis.
  • Cover scan of White Storm
    White Storm: 101 Years Of Real Madrid
    Phil Ball - Paperback - Mainstream
    This text divides Real Madrid's history into six periods - from its foundations, through the war years, to the golden period of Di Stefano and Puskas; the 'hippie years'; the 'Quinta del Buitre' and ending with the modern period.
  • Cover scan of Who Wants It?
    Who Wants It?
    Colin Ward; Chris Henderson - Paperback - Mainstream
    Chris Henderson formed the Chelsea Headhunters as well as the band Combat 84. Violence surrounding Chelsea fans was around long before Chris came on the scene. Told in Chris Henderson's words, this is the story of the era of music and football.

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