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  • Cover scan of DarkIsle
    D. A. Nelson - Paperback - Strident Publishing
    All seems well in Marnoch Moor. Bertie the dodo, Aldis the rat and Shona the dragon are looking forward to a relaxing Christmas. However, Morag is having bad dreams - an old enemy is trying to reach her. And when another former foe turns up on her doorstep it is clear something is badly wrong. Morag and her friends are soon forced to try and stand up to a powerful new threat, one more terrifying than they have ever encountered before. The battle for DarkIsle of Murst must be won ... or Marnoch Mor itself will be lost.
  • Cover scan of Zombies!
    R. McGeddon - Paperback - Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
    It's the end of term and Sam and Arty are anxiously awaiting the final bell. They barely pay attention when the bumbling science teacher causes an explosion and accidentally covers one of the pupils with a strange goo. But then zombies (and bits of zombies) start turning up, desperate to munch on braaaaaaaiiiins! With a bunch of useless adults quickly getting themselves infected instead of sorting the situation out, Sam, Arty and their fearless friend Emmie have to take charge.
  • Cover scan of Under Wildwood

    Under Wildwood
    Colin Meloy - Paperback - Canongate Books
    Ever since Prue McKeel returned home from the Impassable Wilderness after rescuing her brother from the malevolent Dowager Governess, life has been pretty dull. Her mind is constantly returning to the verdant groves and sky-tall trees of Wildwood, where her friend Curtis still remains as a bandit-in-training. But all is not well in that world. A hard winter has come and discord reigns in the wake of the so-called Bicycle Coup. Under a growing threat, Prue is drawn back into Wildwood, where she and Curtis will face their greatest challenge yet: to save themselves and the lives of their friends, and to bring unity to a divided country.
  • Cover scan of Jack Shian And The Mapa Mundi
    Jack Shian And The Mapa Mundi
    Andrew Symon - Paperback - Black & White Publishing
    The Shian Quest continues. The Brashat may have been banished and the King's Chalice returned safely into the Congress's hands, but Jack and the other Shian are soon to have other worries to contend with. Trouble is brewing and the Kildashie have arrived on the scene. Jack and his grandfather go to seek the advice of the enchantress Tamlina, only to find her dying. Her last words are to seek the 'Mapa Mundi', the great Shian treasure that shows believers their true path.
  • BDS Thumbnail Image
    Peter Pan In Kensington Gardens
    J. M. Barrie - Hardback - Dover Publications
    Acclaimed by the Times of London as 'one of the most charming books ever written,' J.M. Barrie's fantasy was published in 1906 with illustrations by the great Arthur Rackham. This meticulous re-creation of that rare volume features all of the original artwork: 50 color plates as well as black-and-white tailpieces, headpieces, and more.
  • Cover scan of Rainbow In My Room And Other Bedtime Stories
    Rainbow In My Room And Other Bedtime Stories
    Zoe Cox - Paperback - Matador
    A collection of nine short stories written with a feel-good factor to help with a calm and happy night for the very young.
  • Cover scan of The Tiger-Headed Horseman
    The Tiger-Headed Horseman
    Chris Walker - Hardback - Book Guild
    Present day Ongolium, a country closed off for centuries, a country at once ancient and modern, a country both beautiful yet terrifying. Out on the desolate Steppe, the daughter of a nomadic leader opens a precious box given to her by the tribal elders. What she discovers inside sets her on a quest both to find her father and to fulfil her destiny, which she realises is somehow linked to the long-gone emperor Chinggis Khaan, the country's founder and saviour. Meanwhile, in the gloomy Ongoliumn capital, Baatarulaan, a ferociously clever student is also seeking to forge his destiny to free his countrymen from oppression and misery and to become the greatest ruler Ongolium has ever known in short, the new Chinggis Khaan.
  • Cover scan of Melody & Jackson's Christmas Spell
    Melody & Jackson's Christmas Spell
    Vivian French - Paperback - Walker Books
    Determined to get their final star and become fully qualified Stargirls, Melody and Jackson set about mastering the growing/shrinking spell. But during their Stargirl mission - to help save Christmas for a family without much money - they realise they've made a mistake and that the person who really needs cheering up is a young girl who seems to have everything.
  • Cover of The Day The World Went Loki
    The Day The World Went Loki
    Robert J. Harris - Paperback - Kelpies
    Lewis and Greg have accidentally turned their mum into a troll, and the town of St Andrews into a fantasy world overrun by yetis, elves, dragons and valkyries - few of them friendly. When the brothers recited an ancient rhyme to conjure up an extra day of the week, they had no idea it would work - or that the day would belong to the banished Norse god, Loki, master of mischief, monsters and mayhem. As the day wears on, time seems to be lagging behind. Will this day of madness never end? Can two ordinary boys outwit an ancient lord and his monstrous minions?
  • Cover scan of Forever More
    Forever More
    Cindy Miles - Paperback - Chicken House
    When Ivy moves to her new stepfather's remote Scottish castle, disturbing things begin to happen. But she's rescued by Logan, a gorgeous ghost boy. Falling in love for the first time is easy, but Logan's not the only spirit haunting the castle grounds.

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