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  • Cover scan of Young Merlin
    Young Merlin
    Tony Bradman - Paperback - Barrington Stoke
    Merlin's known that he's different all his life. People avoid him in the street and snigger about his mum. Plus he keeps having these terrible nightmares. So when the king's men come to take him to court he's only a little surprised. But what lies ahead is beyond anything he could have imagined.
  • Cover scan of Wolfsbane

    Gillian Philip - Paperback - Strident
    Rory MacGregor, kept a virtual prisoner in his own father's dun and hunted by the Sithe Queen, needs a break now and then: and what better fun than tearing the Veil and escaping to the Otherworld? In that dangerous Otherworld Hannah Falconer is as trapped by circumstance as the wild Sithe boy whose horse nearly kills her.
  • Cover scan of The Music Of Zombies
    The Music Of Zombies
    Vivian French - Paperback - Walker
    It's nearly Cockenzie Rood Day and Prince Albion wants a grand celebration. But his plans are ruined when he is kidnapped by the terrifying zombie Fiddleduster Squint, who wants to get into the Five Kingdoms.
  • Cover scan of Peter Pan
    Peter Pan
    J. M. Barrie - Paperback - Vintage
    When Peter Pan flies into the home of the Darling children, it is only the beginning of their magical adventures, which are filled with pirates, fairies, faraway lands, and crocodiles that tick.
  • Cover scan of Harvey Angell
    Harvey Angell
    Diana Hendry - Paperback - Red Fox
    There's a mysterious, magical new lodger at gloomy 131 Ballantyre Road: Harvey Angell, whose bright beaming, thousand-watt smile can somehow cheer the most miserable people - even cross, penny-pinching Aunt Agatha!
  • Cover scan of Harvey Angell And The Ghost Child
    Harvey Angell And The Ghost Child
    Diana Hendry - Paperback - Red Fox
    Since the arrival of Harvey Angell at 131 Ballantyre Road, life is a little bit brighter for orphan Henry - even mean old Aunt Agatha isn't quite so miserable these days. Still, when she agrees to take everyone on holiday, Henry can't believe his luck. For the first time ever, he's about to see the sea.
  • Cover scan of Harvey Angell Beats Time
    Harvey Angell Beats Time
    Diana Hendry - Paperback - Red Fox
    When Henry finds a strange baby hidden among the flowers in Aunt Agatha's garden, it looks like another adventure is in store - especially when little Sweetheart sprouts antennae! But when a host of ghostly women begin to haunt 131 Ballantyre Road, Henry and his new friend Rosie know this is a job for the magical Harvey Angell.
  • Cover scan of Maze Running And Other Magical Missions
    Maze Running And Other Magical Missions
    Lari Don - Paperback - Kelpies
    One of Helen's friends is dying, stabbed in the heart by the Master, and needs a magical remedy. Helen and her fabled-beast friends unite to find a magical token with the power to cure. But they only have until tomorrow night. On their quests through Scotland for the enchanted healing tokens, they battle with magical lizards, monstrous goats, and a vengeful giant. Fighting together, can they cure their friend and finally defeat the power-crazed Master of the Maze?
  • Cover scan of Dreams
    Daniela Sacerdoti - Paperback - Black & White
    Ever since her 13th birthday, 17-year-old Sarah Midnight's dreams have been plagued by demons, but unlike most people's nightmares, Sarah's come true. After the murder of her parents, Sarah is cruelly thrust into a secret world of danger as she is forced to take up their mission as hunters.
  • Cover scan of Thyme Running Out
    Thyme Running Out
    Panama Oxridge - Paperback - Inside Pocket
    As the threat of the Thyme Curse closes in on Justin's family, his life is once again thrown into complete turmoil. Will he finally unmask Agent X and his spy? Has Evelyn Garnet stolen his wristwatch? And what's making Eliza the gorilla act so aggressively?

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