Boswell's Bus Pass

Stuart Campbell

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Armed with a bus pass and supported by a relay team of equally eccentric and badly behaved companions Stuart Campbell follows the bus routes that Dr Johnson and Boswell would have used had they delayed their journey to the Western isles of Scotland by 238 years. The narrative, strikingly illustrated by Colin Milne, includes an astonishing set of previously unpublished love letters from Boswell’s servant, Joseph Ritter, to his master’s long suffering wife, Margaret. Stuart Milne’s many humorous drawings are a delightful and attractive feature of this book.


  • "...a really great idea for a book, beautifully and entertainingly executed.... Campbell's observations of his fellow bus passengers and of others he meets on his journeys are fascinating and amusing..." Undiscoved Scotland
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Book Details

ISBN: 9781905207626
Publisher: Sandstone
Publication Date:
30 June 2011
Format: Hardback
Language: English
Pages: 350 p.

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