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  • Cover scan of The Mystery Of The Loch Ness Monster
    The Mystery Of The Loch Ness Monster
    Holly Wallace - Paperback - Heinemann Library
    This series looks at the links between science and natural phenomena and how science can be used to attempt to explain mysteries. Readers can analyse the information and make their own decisions about each mystery based on the evidence.
  • Cover scan of New Perspectives On Adam Smith's Theory Of Moral Sentiments
    New Perspectives On Adam Smith's Theory Of Moral Sentiments
    - Hardback - Edward Elgar
    'New Perspectives on Adam Smith's Theory of Moral Sentiments' reflects the explosion of interest in Smith's ideas. It brings together themes and methodologies from a variety of disciplianry vantage points and includes contributions from the fields of sociology, evolutionary psychology, game theory, and intellectual history.
  • Cover scan of The Pentland Hills
    The Pentland Hills: A Walker's Guide
    Susan Falconer - Paperback - Cicerone
    The Pentland Hills are a popular, easily-accessible upland range located to the south-west of Edinburgh. This guidebook takes the reader through 30 various walks in the area, uncovering the fascinating archaeology of the region and highlighting the diverse wildlife which can be seen along the way.
  • Cover scan of Philosophy And Love
    Philosophy And Love: From Plato To Popular Culture
    Linnell Secomb - Paperback - Edinburgh University Press
    'Philosophy and Love' introduces the history of philosophical reflections on love and courtly, rationalist, romantic, modern, postmodern and feminist conceptions. It explores what is meant by Plantonic love, discusses the influence of homoerotics, and raises the question of the 'other' in the love relation.
  • Cover scan of Photographs Of Scotland
    Photographs Of Scotland
    - Paperback - Colin Baxter
    Scotland offers a diversity of landscapes out of all proportion to its size. Its highlands, lowlands and islands all combine to create a land of extraordinary beauty.
  • Cover scan of Polar Crusader
    Polar Crusader: A Life Of Sir James Wordie
    Michael Smith - Paperback - Birlinn
    Michael Smith captures all the drama of an extraordinary life lived at the edge and goes a long way to establishing James Wordie in his rightful place in the pantheon of great British explorers.
  • Cover scan of Pressure Groups
    Pressure Groups
    Duncan Watts - Paperback - Edinburgh University Press
    Written by Duncan Watts, this book serves as a guide to the role of pressure groups in our democracy, establishing definitions and analysing their performance.
  • Cover scan of Rab's Big Day
    Rab's Big Day
    David Sim - Pop-up - Tango
    Rab's friends Ella, Freddy and Douglas have come over to his house to celebrate his birthday. Ella has baked Rab one big birthday cake with two candles on it. They wear three party hats, and so on. Every page in this book contains text about what the friends did at the birthday party - and then flips up to reveal a big pop-up.
  • Cover scan of The Raw Shark Texts
    The Raw Shark Texts
    Steven Hall - Hardback - Canongate
    Eric Sanderson wakes up in a place he doesn't recognise, unable to remember who he is. He has been attacked by a force he cannot see and, soon confronted with memories he cannot ignore, Eric discovers he is being hunted by a shark. This predator may exist only in his mind, but soon starts making some very real appearances in Eric's world.
  • Cover scan of Redcap
    Brian Callison - Paperback - Severn House
    Cyprus, 1957. Bill Walker is a veteran Royal Military Police staff sergeant. Maintaining his hard-as-nails Redcap image is difficult enough considering he is a reluctant hero desperate to stay alive. And this aim is endangered when only he knows that his commanding officer is a murderous psychopath who has sworn to kill him.

Showing page 1374 from 1809

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