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  • Cover scan of Ten Seasons
    Ten Seasons: Explorations In Botanics
    Gerry Loose - Paperback - Luath
    This volume gathers texts and photographs to illustrate the idea that poetry, although presented here on the page, can exist off the page, on scraps of material, on stone, even in water.
  • Cover scan of The Act You've Known For All These Years
    The Act You've Known For All These Years: The Life, And Afterlife, Of Sgt. Pepper
    Clinton Heylin - Hardback - Canongate
    Heylin reconstructs the life and times of Sgt. Pepper. Weaving the activities of the Beatles in with those of their contemporaries and rivals, he reveals the inspirations and explodes the myths behind this talismanic, iconic album - and 'the summer of love' itself. In addition, the book surveys what happened next.
  • Cover scan of Blood Hunt
    Blood Hunt
    Neil Miller Gunn - Paperback - Polygon
    After a lifetime at sea, old Sandy returns to the land of his fathers to live in the peaceful isolation of a Highland croft. He befriends the local village boys, and when one of them seeks his help after killing a man, Sandy takes his side, warding off suspicious enquiries from the village policeman, the dead man's brother.
  • Cover scan of The Death List
    The Death List
    Paul Johnston - Paperback - Mira
    Crime novelist Matt Wells has more fantasies of revenge than most. Dumped by his agent, his publisher and his wife, he is crippled by writer's block. Then a fan e-mails him. Calling himself the White Devil, he is a serial killer who has chosen Matt to tell his story. Then the killing begins.
  • Cover scan of Dream Angus
    Dream Angus: The Celtic God Of Dreams
    Alexander McCall Smith - Paperback - Canongate
    If he's in the right mood, divine Angus might grant you the sight of your true love in a dream, you might even fall in love with him, but he'll never love you back. He's too busy making mischief - stealing the place of the gods from his father, turning his enemies into pigs etc - until he is trapped by his own romantic games.
  • Cover scan of Fair Isle Knitting
    Fair Isle Knitting
    Sarah Don - Paperback - Dover
    Boasting geometric patterns and rich, natural colours, the knits of Fair Isle have roots in the fashions of Viking invaders, Norwegian immigrants and Spanish sailors. This book includes 28 traditional Fair Isle patterns which can be used to create a range of jumpers, pullovers, scarfs and mittens.
  • Cover scan of The Family Trade
    The Family Trade
    Charles Stross - Paperback - Tor
    When Miriam Beckstein is fired from her job as a reporter, she is unaware that she is about to embark on a train of events that will transport her to a parallel Earth, where she must face up to the six evil clans who walk between the worlds growing in riches and power.
  • Cover scan of Help Me Rhonda
    Help Me Rhonda
    Alan Kelly - Paperback - Luath
    The potential of Sonny's relationship with clean-cut Rhonda is pitted against his self-destructive personality. It is this stalemate which leads him on a spiral of blackmail, alcohol, drugs, casual sex and encounters with an eccentric cast of characters, with frequently hilarious results.
  • Cover scan of The Howling Miller
    The Howling Miller
    Arto Paasilinna - Paperback - Canongate
    Gunnar Huttunen arrives in North Finland after the war and buys a dilapidated mill. Despite being a decent and hard-working Finn he is also an outsider and an eccentric, prone to mood swings, black depression, high elation and a general lack of decorum.
  • Cover scan of I Crossed The Minch
    I Crossed The Minch
    Louis MacNeice - Paperback - Polygon
    Louis MacNeice and his wife Nancy visited the Hebrides in 1937. Following loosely in the footsteps of Johnson and Boswell, MacNeice describes with distinctive candour the people, customs and landscapes of the Hebrides.

Showing page 1374 from 1845

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