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  • Cover scan of Adrift In Caledonia
    Adrift In Caledonia: Boat-Hitching For The Unenlightened
    Nick Thorpe - Paperback - Abacus
    Nick Thorpe charts his journey around Scotland's waterways, using any and every vessel available, from a canoe to a nuclear submarine. Along the way he stops and meets the folk who lie at the heart of this odyssey: sailors and visionaries, boaties and eccentrics.
  • Cover scan of And It's Goodnight From Him -
    And It's Goodnight From Him -: The Autobiography Of The Two Ronnies
    Ronnie Corbett - Paperback - Penguin
    This volume is not just a book about the much-loved characters of 'The Two Ronnies' sketch show. It is a story of a partnership and a friendship so close that throughout the years that Ronnie Corbett and Ronnie Barker worked together, there was never a cross word between them.
  • Cover scan of The Angel Collector
    The Angel Collector
    Bali Rai - Paperback - Corgi
    It's eight months since Sophie went missing from a music festival in the summer after her GCSEs. The police search has lead nowhere & Jit, Sophie's best friend, is going slowly crazy not knowing what's happened to her. He starts on a search which takes him all over Britain, & he eventually ends up at a remote farmhouse in Scotland.
  • Cover scan of The Baby Twins

    The Baby Twins
    Janey Jones - Paperback - Picture Corgi
    Poppy is so excited that her mum is going to have twins and she can't wait for them to be born. But when the babies come at last, things don't turn out quite as Poppy expected and her life is turned upside down!
  • Cover scan of The Big Mix-Up
    The Big Mix Up
    Janey Jones - Paperback - Young Corgi
    Poppy is really excited becuase she and Mum are working at cousin Saffron's sewing shop for the day while Saffron minds Poppy's baby brother and sister. Poppy is sure it is going to be the most brilliant day ever becuase the shop is so glamorous and she'll get to chat to customers all day.
  • Cover scan of The Captive Queen Of Scots
    The Captive Queen Of Scots
    Jean Plaidy - Paperback - Arrow
    Scotland has been torn apart by civil war & the young & passionate Catholic Mary Queen of Scots is in the hands of her enemies. Under duress, Mary abdicates in favour of her son, James VI, & fleeing to England she boldly seeks refuge from her cousin, Queen Elizabeth I. But Elizabeth has never trusted Mary, & has her imprisoned.
  • Cover scan of The End Of Time

    The End Of Time: The Mayan Prophecies Revisited
    Adrian Gilbert - Paperback - Mainstream
    Revisiting the ancient archaeological sites of the Maya and making astonishing discoveries about their cosmology, this title includes a number of illustrations and photographs to help explain the many theories and ideas conveyed.
  • Cover scan of The Haunted Holiday
    The Haunted Holiday
    Janey Jones - Paperback - Young Corgi
    Poppy and Honey are going on holiday to France to stay with Honey's parents in a castle called Chateau Lafayette. It is the first time Poppy has ever been on an aeroplane and it is also the first time she has ever stayed in a castle. It is all so exciting!
  • Cover scan of Hitting Back
    My Life So Far: The Autobiography
    Andy Murray - Hardback - Century
    This is the biography of British tennis superstar Andy Murray. In his own words he talks about the long, testing, and sometimes difficult path to superstardom and includes the lowdown on his preparations for Wimbledon 2008.
  • Cover scan of Lonely Werewolf Girl
    Lonely Werewolf Girl
    Martin Millar - Paperback - Meadow & Black
    Teenage werewolf Kalix MacRinnalch is pursued through the streets of London by murderous hunters, while in the Scottish Highlands there's trouble at Castle MacRinnalch as the Werewolf Clan prepares for war.

Showing page 1374 from 1842

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