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  • Cover scan of The Day Of The Djinn Warriors
    The Day Of The Djinn Warrior
    Philip Kerr - Hardback - Scholastic
    The fourth djinncredible adventure of the Children of the Lamp. theft, hauntings & red-hot mystery - it's a race against time for John & Philippa Gaunt to outwit the wicked Iblis. But can the djinn twins stop Iblis now he has woken the ancient warriors of the long-dead emperor from their sleep?
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    The Fife Anthology
    - Paperback - Mercat
    This is the first ever anthology of writing about Fife, a part of Scotland with an immensely rich tradition of history and literature. It gathers together all of the great characters of Scottish history who have acted out their dramas within the famous Kingdom of Fife. The book is illustrated with woodcuts and photographs.
  • Cover scan of Fun, Flies And Laughter
    Fun, Flies And Laughter: A Stirling Life
    John Gilbert - Paperback - Arthur H. Stockwell
    Woven together, a litany of humorous anecdotes reveals the thoughts of Henry Hay Dundas Stirling, a most remarkable and generous maverick, an adorned rebel who lived life to the full, in an era now past where conflict and adversity was successfully tempered by wholesome fun, fly-fishing and honest laughter.
  • Cover scan of The Game Cookbook
    The Game Cookbook
    Clarissa Dickson Wright - Hardback - Kyle Cathie
    Written by two passionate countryside campaigners, Clarissa Dickson Wright and Johnny Scott, this authoritative book features over 140 easy-to-follow recipes, from stir fried pheasant with mustard beans to salmon fishbakes made with gnocchi
  • Cover scan of Geordie's Mingin Medicine
    Geordie's Mingin Medicine
    Roald Dahl - Paperback - Itchy Coo
    Geordie's grannie is a crabbit auld grumph. As far as she's concerned, Geordie can do nothing right. But, when the time comes for him tae bring her medicine, Geordie decides tae give her a mingin brew of his own recipe.
  • Cover scan of Highlander Untamed
    Highlander Untamed: A Novel
    Monica McCarty - Paperback - Ballantine
    Married in a temporary hand fast marriage to her clan's most fierce enemy, Isabel MacDonald can't resist her smouldering attraction to the powerful Highland Chief, who she has vowed to betray.
  • Cover scan of The Iconography Of Islamic Art
    The Iconography Of Islamic Art: Studies In Honour Of Robert Hillenbrand
    - Paperback - Edinburgh University Press
    This highly-illustrated text celebrates the work of Robert Hillenbrand, containing chapters on various aspects of the iconography of Islamic buildings and works of art. The book will be of use to readers requiring a better understanding of the meaning of Islamic art and architecture.
  • Cover scan of An Introduction To Applied Linguistics
    An Introduction To Applied Linguistics: From Practice To Theory
    Alan Davies - Paperback - Edinburgh University Press
    Davies looks at the history and definitions of applied linguistics, then at the institutional and non-institutional uses of language, spanning not only language learning and teaching but also language as a socio-psychological phenomenon.
  • Cover scan of Katie's Ferm
    Katie's Ferm: A Hide & Seek Book For Wee Folk
    James Robertson; Matthew Fitt; Karen Sutherland - Boards - Itchy Coo
    Katie visits her grandparents' farm and goes in search of the mischievous cat Tam, who keeps one step ahead of her all the way. Katie asks all the animals if they have seen Tam.
  • Cover scan of Kidnapped
    Robert Louis Stevenson - Paperback - Polygon
    'Kidnapped' revolves around the friendship and differences of David Balfour, a Lowland Whig, and Alan Breck Stewart, a Highland Jacobite. 'Catriona' is the sequel.

Showing page 1374 from 1861

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