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  • Cover scan of Masterpieces From The National Galleries Of Scotland

    Masterpieces From The National Galleries Of Scotland
    - Paperback - National Galleries of Scotland
    The National Galleries of Scotland is widely regarded as one of the best small galleries in the world. This is a collection of over 200 of the National Galleries of Scotland's greatest and best-loved treasures, each accompanied by an informative text.
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    The Albino's Treasure
    Stuart Douglas - Paperback - Titan Books
    When anarchists slash a painting of the Prime Minister in the newly opened National Portrait Gallery and suggest that the man himself could be next, Scotland Yard have no choice but to call in Sherlock Holmes. Leaving Watson behind, Holmes fakes his own death, infiltrates the anarchists, and solves the problem - only to return to Baker Street and discover that his problems are only just beginning.
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    In The All Night Café
    Stuart David - Hardback - Little, Brown and Company
    Belle & Sebastian have been making critically-acclaimed music since 1996. They have played hundreds of gigs, won a Brit Award, and their music has been featured in films such as 'High Fidelity' and 'Juno', and their unsettling, often surreal songs, delicate melodies and alternative approach to pop stardom has earned them armies of fans all over the world. 'In the All Night Café' is founder member Stuart David's charming and evocative account of the band's early history.
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    Decoding Scottish Buildings
    Daniel MacCannell - Paperback - Birlinn
    Scotland has a huge and diverse amount of built heritage spanning hundreds of years. 'Decoding Scottish Buildings' is an informative companion to Scottish architecture that allows anyone to appreciate buildings with regards to their ages, styles, influences and functions.
  • Cover scan of Castles Of The Clans

    Castles Of The Clans: The Strongholds And Seats Of 750 Scottish Families And Clans
    Martin Coventry - Paperback - Goblinshead
    This work investigates the strongholds and seats of Scotland families and clans. Organized by clan name, there follows information on the history and origins of the family, and any castles, towers, and historic houses which they owned.
  • Cover scan of Soul Of Scotland

    Soul Of Scotland: Celebrating Scotland's Spiritual Richness
    Harry Reid - Hardback - Saint Andrew
    Scotland's action-packed and turbulent history is about religion, as much as anything else. Indeed, Scotland has been, for most of the past 1600 years, an intensely religious country. In a fast-paced, enthralling epic celebration of Scotland's spiritual heritage, Harry Reid introduces us to a spiritual landscape of incredible richness and variety.
  • Cover scan of Another Chance, Another Life

    Another Chance, Another Life
    Mark Neilson - Hardback - Robert Hale
    Becky and Kathy are great friends and, in a cruel yet comforting parallel, both have recently lost their jobs and face the prospect of starting their lives all over again. Becky takes a relative up on his offer of the use of his narrow boat, and sets sail for the Yorkshire Dales, to see if pastures new can help her regain what she's lost. Kathy finds herself in love with a widower, whose only daughter is still in mourning for her gifted musician mother, her grief proving a solid opponent to any new woman in her father's life. Both women must endure the weaving and uncertain path of life, and love, towards a second chance at happiness.
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    Going Round The Bend In Search Of Old Tractors
    Ian M. Johnston - Hardback - New Holland
    A compilation of the author's memoirs as he travels in search of rare tractors to photograph, often finding himself in bizarre circumstances, with strange people and in remote locations.
  • Cover scan of Land And Buildings Transaction Tax

    Land And Buildings Transaction Tax
    Ken Wright - Paperback - Bloomsbury
    Although based on stamp duty land tax, land and buildings transaction tax is a wholly new tax which practising solicitors and accountants in Scotland, and those who have clients interested in Scottish property, need to understand before it is due to implemented in April 2015. This book covers the Land and Buildings Transaction Tax in Scotland.
  • Cover scan of The Management Of Taxes In Scotland

    The Management Of Taxes In Scotland
    Charlotte Barbour - Paperback - Bloomsbury
    Scottish taxes are to be collected by a new Scottish tax authority - Revenue Scotland, details of which are set out in the Revenue Scotland and Tax Powers (RS&TP) Act. This book provides information and analysis of the Act and provides practitioners with a succinct and readable guide to the powers, duties and responsibilities of Revenue Scotland and the ways in which devolved taxes are to be administered.

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