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    As The Hibs Go Marching On: A Post-War History Of Hibs
    John Campbell - Paperback - Birlinn
    Beginning with the ten year reign of Alex Miller, where the club had to fight off a hostile takeover bid by Mercer, survived to win the Skol Cup, signed players like Andy Goram and Steve Archibald and ventured once again into European competition, John Campbell completes his post-war trilogy on the history of Hibernian FC, this volume sees Campbell cover every season from 1987, through the nineties and into the new millennium, where the club experienced relegation, promotion and two consecutive cup finals.
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    The Amber Fury
    Natalie Haynes - Paperback - Corvus
    When Alex Morris loses her fiancé in dreadful circumstances, she moves from London to Edinburgh to make a break from the past. Alex takes a job at a Pupil Referral Unit, which accepts the students excluded from other schools in the city. These are troubled, difficult kids and Alex is terrified of what she's taken on. There is one class - a group of five teenagers - who intimidate Alex and every other teacher on The Unit. But with the help of the Greek tragedies she teaches, Alex gradually develops a rapport with them. Finding them enthralled by tales of cruel fate and bloody revenge, she even begins to worry that they are taking her lessons to heart, and that a whole new tragedy is being performed, right in front of her.
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    Asterix And The Picts
    Jean-Yves Ferri - Paperback - Orion Children's Books
    When Asterix and Obelix rescue a mysterious Pict named MacAroon, they must journey to Caledonia, now Scotland, to return him to his lady love, Camomilla, the adopted daughter of the old king. However, the treacherous chieftain, MacCabeus, plans to marry her and claim the throne - with the help of the Romans! What with caber-tossing, bagpipes, malted water and an enormous otter in the loch, can the Gauls reunite MacAroon and Camomilla and enjoy some Roman-bashing along the way?
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    The Angel Of Venice
    Mary Hoffman - Paperback - Barrington Stoke
    It is 1571 and Venice's colonies in Cyprus are under threat. The forces of the Holy League sail to meet the Ottoman Empire in the Mediterranean. On board the ship The Angel of Venice is young Venetian boy Luca, torn between the excitement of the sea and precious ties at home.
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    Angels In Training
    Karen McCombie - Paperback - Puffin
    Riley's life has changed a lot since she discovered the Angelos sister's secret. You see, her new neighbours are a little bit - magical. They know things that no-one else does, and that's why she thinks they can help her find out about mum. But just as she's about to get some answers, mysterious events start happening at school. As things get stranger and stranger, Riley begins to suspect that they're the only ones who can work out what - or who - is behind them.
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    The Awakening
    Kate Chopin - Paperback - Canongate
    Published in 1899, 'The Awakening' ignited a firestorm of controversy. Reviewers criticized the book for its tacit endorsement of adultery, its frank depiction of a woman's sexual frustration, and its overt rejection of conventional expectations for women's roles and behaviour.
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    At The End Of Days
    Grant Morrison - Paperback - DC Comics
    Five years ago, Clark Kent moved to Metropolis. Alone but hopeful, he donned a simple t-shirt laden with a giant 'S', beginning the career of one of the greatest heroes this - or any other - world has seen. Superman has grown with the city around him, and though he is feared by the public, there's no doubt they need him to protect them from this universe's gravest threats. But when the multiverse sends it's deadliest villains against the Man of Steel, can even he turn them back?
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    Advances In Innovations In University Assessment And Feedback: A Festchrift In Honour Of Professor Dai Hounsell
    - Hardback - Edinburgh University Press
    This title contains new perspectives on assessment and feedback provided by world renowned researchers on issues that are currently of great interest to both academic managers and teaching staff, as they try to make courses more effective and more appealing at a time when universities compete for incoming students.
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    Ambiguous Citizenship In An Age Of Global Migration
    Aoileann Ní Mhurchú - Hardback - Edinburgh University Press
    Many people see citizenship in a globalised world in terms of binaries: inclusion/exclusion, past/present, particularism/universalism. Aoileann Ní Mhurchú points out the limitations of these positions and argues that we need to be able to take into account the people who get caught between these traditional categories.
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    The Anglo-American Relationship
    Steve Marsh - Hardback - Edinburgh University Press
    This title introduces the history, controversies and contemporary relevance of the US-UK Special Relationship.

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