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  • Cover scan of Aalst
    Aalst: A New Version
    Duncan McLean - Paperback - Methuen Drama
    'Aalst' is a powerful and disturbing drama about two parents who murder their children. The play is based on real events from the Belgian town of Aalst in 1999 where the ensuing high profile and dramatic trial led to much soul-searching in the Belgian media.
  • Cover scan of Art In Exile
    Art In Exile: Polish Painters In Post-War Britain
    Douglas Hall - Paperback - Sansom
    'Art in Exile' is about a body of painters who have generally been margenalised by British art historians - the Polish exiles from war and persecution who made their homes and careers in Britain before or after 1939.
  • Cover scan of At Her Majesty's Pleasure
    At Her Majesty's Pleasure
    Robert Douglas - Paperback - Hodder
    Robert Douglas completes his autobiographical trilogy, taking us through the sixties and into the eighties with his memories of life as a prison officer, and, at the end of his career, as an electricity chargehand driving around the Yorkshire Dales.
  • Cover scan of Air Road To The Isles
    Air Road To The Isles: The Memoirs Of Captain E.E. Fresson, OBE
    Edmund Ernest Fresson - Hardback - Kea
    E.E. Fresson served in the Royal Flying Corps, built aeroplanes in China & barnstormed his way around the UK, but is best remembered as a pioneer of commercial aviation in the north of Scotland during the 1930s. He founded Highland Airways & flew civilian services through World War II, & until his company was nationalised in 1948.
  • Cover scan of The Arran Coastal Way
    The Arran Coastal Way
    Jacquetta Megarry - Paperback - Rucksack Readers
    A guide to the Arran Coastal Way, perhaps Scotland's finest circular long-distance trail, running 65 miles around the Isle of Arran.
  • Cover scan of Ally McCoist

    Ally McCoist: Portrait Of A Hero
    Alistair Aird - Hardback - John Blake
    Ally McCoist is amongst the finest Scottish goal-scorers. This title charts the highs and lows of his career - including a couple of injury-stricken years.
  • Cover scan of At the Pynt o the Pick
    At The Pynt O The Pick And Other Poems
    T. S. Law - Hardback - Fingerpost
    This book contains selected poems by T.S. Law, accompanied by critical and biographical essays, notes and a Scots glossary.
  • Cover scan of Absolution
    Caro Ramsay - Paperback - Penguin
    In 1984, PC Alan McAlpine was given a simple job. Guarding a woman - nameless and almost faceless after an acid attack - at a Glasgow hospital. He has no idea that this simple job will haunt his career and change his life forever. Two decades later, Alan steps into Partickhill police station and back in time.
  • Cover scan of The Ascent Of Man
    The Ascent Of Man
    Eleanor C. Merry - Paperback - Floris
    Eleanor Merry applies her knowledge to argue that the past ages of the world must first be reviewed before the significance of the current age can be understood.
  • Cover scan of An Accidental Tragedy
    An Accidental Tragedy: The Life Of Mary, Queen Of Scots
    Roderick Graham - Hardback - Birlinn
    Based on contemporary documents and histories, the author paints a unique picture of Mary that sees her neither as a Catholic martyr, nor as a husband-murdering adulteress, but as a young girl adrift in the dangerous seas of 16th century politics.

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