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  • Cover scan of Biodynamic, Organic And Natural Winemaking
    Biodynamic, Organic And Natural Winemaking: Sustainable Viticulture And Viniculture
    Britt Karlsson - Paperback - Floris Books
    An award-winning and invaluable handbook for all winegrowers and winemakers who are considering turning to a more sustainable form of winemaking.
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    Bloody Scotland
    Malcolm Archibald - Paperback - Black & White Publishing
    In the 19th century Scotland was depicted as a land of misty glens, engineering innovation and inventive genius. But Scotland was also the home of brutal murder, terrifying riots, child cruelty, bank robbery and acid attack. Women as well as men were capable of horrendous acts, and crime could strike anywhere: at home, on the road and even at sea. From the Borders to the Northern Isles, crime was never far away. Edinburgh, with its reputation for polite decorum, was also the scene of poisoning and savagery; the dark streets of industrial Glasgow and Dundee harboured thieves and muggers, while the villages of coast and country hid wild men and vicious women. This book exposes some of the crimes, remembered and forgotten, that rocked the Scotland of our ancestors.
  • Cover scan of The Bad Trousers
    The Bad Trousers
    Ros Asquith - Paperback - Barrington Stoke
    When your birthday is just around the corner, it can be tempting to second-guess the presents you might be getting. Robbie's pretty sure he's getting his dream present - a kitten! Granny has been dropping hints about cats, and her cat has just had kittens. But when he is given the gift of some truly terrible cat-print knitted trousers instead, what's he to do but try and get rid of them any way he can!
  • Cover scan of The Best Of Both Worlds
    The Best Of Both Worlds: The Autobiography Of The World's Greatest Living Medium
    Gordon Smith - Paperback - Coronet
    Gordon Smith is a world renowned medium, who travels the world offering his abilities to thousands of people in need. Gordon never charges for his spiritual readings, instead keeping a steady income from his barber shop in Glasgow, his home city. This is his story.
  • Cover scan of The Bird That Did Not Sing
    The Bird That Did Not Sing
    Alex Gray - Paperback - Sphere
    The Commonwealth Games 2014 is coming to Glasgow and security is extra tight, particularly after a mysterious bomb explodes in a nearby rural Stirlingshire. As the opening ceremony for the Games draws ever closer, the police desperately seek the culprits. But Detective Superintendent Lorimer has other concerns on his mind. One is a beautiful red-haired woman from his past whose husband dies suddenly on his watch. Then there is the body of a young woman found dumped in the countryside just south of the city who is proving impossible to identify.
  • Cover scan of Blood On The Water
    Blood On The Water
    Anne Perry - Paperback - Headline
    London, 1856. It is a time of progress, with the Empire's interests expanding and the Suez Canal nearing completion. Many people stand to gain - and to lose - as the world rapidly changes. When a Thames pleasure boat is blown up with the loss of many lives, an Egyptian man is quickly sentenced to hang for the crime. But William Monk, head of the River Police, discovers the evidence was flawed. As he and his wife Hester investigate further, Monk begins to wonder if the wrong man was convicted. If justice itself has been tainted, exposing the true culprit will be far more hazardous.
  • Cover scan of Bring Me Home
    Bring Me Home
    Alan Titchmarsh - Paperback - Hodder
    'You really are the perfect family, aren't you?' Charlie Stuart, the owner of a Scottish castle and disappointed father of a brood of grown-up children, took in the full irony of his guest's comment at a Sunday house party. His family - and his life - were far from perfect. He had longed since childhood to inherit the Castle on the loch. He had fallen in love with the landscape and the wildlife that surrounded it and looked forward to the responsibilities that came with it, but his mother's devastating death while he was away at school and his father's remarriage to an unwelcome stepmother had swept away any easy path to fulfilling his destiny. Charlie has to grow up quickly, but along with his inheritance and the discovery of the love of his life come unexpected complications that involve espionage, deceit and a mysterious death.
  • Cover scan of The Battle Of Bannockburn, 1314

    The Battle Of Bannockburn, 1314
    Leonard James - Paperback - Bretwalda
    A guidebook to the historic Battle of Bannockburn, the great triumph by Robert Bruce over Edward II of England that won independence for Scotland. The book is being released to mark the 700th anniversary of the battle and to coincide with the Scottish referendum on independence.
  • Cover scan of Behaviour And Management Of European Ungulates
    Behaviour And Management Of European Ungulates
    - Hardback - Whittles
    Drawing on expertise from international experts in the field, this book considers a number of issues affecting ungulates and their management in different parts of Europe.
  • Cover scan of British And Irish Poets
    British And Irish Poets: A Biographical Dictionary, 449-2006
    William Stewart - Paperback - McFarland & Company
    From John Abbot to Benjamin Zephania, this reference book contains information on 1270 poets from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

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