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  • Cover scan of Beauty With A Bomb
    Beauty With A Bomb
    M. C. Grant - Paperback - Midnight Ink
    After witnessing the gruesome death of a young immigrant, Dixie Flynn is on a mission to tell the dead woman's story. Acting on a tip, Dixie learns that the young immigrants are vanishing ... and not into the sex trade.
  • Cover scan of By Winter's Light

    By Winter Light
    Stephanie Laurens - Paperback - Harlequin MIRA
    It's frosty December and six Cynster families come together at snowbound Casphairn Manor with members of their households to celebrate the season in true Cynster fashion-and where Cynsters gather, love is never far behind. The festive occasion brings together Daniel Crosbie, tutor to Lucifer Cynster's sons, and Claire Meadows, widow and governess to Gabriel Cynster's daughter. Daniel and Claire have met before and the embers of an unexpected passion smolder between them. However, Claire, once bitten, twice shy, believes a second marriage is not in her stars. Yet Daniel is determined. He's seen the kind of love the Cynsters share, and Claire is the lady with whom he dreams of sharing his life.
  • Cover scan of Banged Up
    Stir!: Doing Time In Britain's Toughest Jails
    David Leslie - Paperback - Black & White Publishing
    'Banged Up!' is the story of six of the country's most notorious jails - Durham, Wandsworth, Pentonville, Wormwood Scrubs, Dartmoor and Holloway - and of the men and women who entered their gates, sometimes stood on their scaffolds and occasionally vanished before their time. The book looks at early punishments, life on hell ships transporting convicts to far-off continents, the growth of prison populations, inmates sentenced to waste away on treadmills, the underworld giant who was birched, children starved and beaten for stealing, and even women forced to eat. Also investigated are the lives and thoughts of scores of inmates, from Oscar Wilde to Oswald Mosley; from Dr Crippen to Ruth Ellis, the last woman hanged; from underworld legend Frankie Fraser to a Rolling Stone; and even the man who shot Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Cover scan of Barclay On The Lectionary

    Barclay On The Lectionary: Mark
    William Barclay - Paperback - Saint Andrew
    Based on the Sunday Lectionary, these inspiring and deeply insightful Barclay readings are ideal for worship leaders, individuals and groups. They are drawn from William Barclay's much-loved and ever-popular comprehensive commentary on the New Testament.
  • Cover scan of Biographia Literaria
    Biographia Literaria
    Samuel Taylor Coleridge - Hardback - Edinburgh University Press
    Coleridge's 'Biographia' is part autobiography, part philosophical treatise, part critical exegesis on poetry and genius. It has long held scholars in its thrall and its merits have been equally praised, and also dismissed, as the production of excessive opium use by the author. This edition takes into consideration three decades of research and scholarship on Coleridge and includes all Coleridge's references and allusions, including those listed as missing or untraceable in past editions. In tracing all unattributed references in the British Library, Adam Roberts has in some cases opened up whole new avenues of interpretation for the text, materially altering the way we read this classic work.
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    The Buke Of The Howlat By Richard Holland
    Sir Richard Holland - Hardback - Scottish Text Society
    'The Buke of the Howlat,' a comic allegory in which the main characters are birds, was composed in the mid-15th century by Richard Holland, chaplain to the household of Archibald Douglas, earl of Moray, and dedicated to his wife, Elizabeth Dunbar. In his presentation of the text, Ralph Hanna pays particular attention to the metrical form, foregrounding literary and linguistic patterns and approaches; he also provides a detailed account of the witnesses of the text, together with an analysis of the poem's key linguistic features and its literary debts to Alain of Lille. It offers a rich reading of Holland's poem, revealing its European foundations alongside its Scottish political import.
  • Cover scan of The Best Of Both Worlds
    The Best Of Both Worlds
    Gordon Smith - Hardback - Coronet
    Gordon Smith is a world renowned medium, who travels the world offering his abilities to thousands of people in need. Gordon never charges for his spiritual readings, instead keeping a steady income from his barber shop in Glasgow, his home city. This is his story.
  • Cover scan of Betrayal
    Will Jordan - Paperback - Arrow Books
    Former soldier and elite CIA operative Ryan Drake is heading out for dinner when he witnesses a sniper attack on the freeway. A motorcade full of Russian Federal Security Force members - in Washington DC for a conference on greater co-operation with their US counterparts - has been ambushed. Many have been killed and the CIA suspect the leader of the strike team is a woman - Anya, Drake's former colleague. Drake cannot believe her capable of such an atrocity but with the Russians baying for blood Drake and his depleted team head for Siberia to discover the truth.
  • Cover scan of Biodynamic, Organic And Natural Winemaking
    Biodynamic, Organic And Natural Winemaking: Sustainable Viticulture And Viniculture
    Britt Karlsson - Paperback - Floris Books
    An award-winning and invaluable handbook for all winegrowers and winemakers who are considering turning to a more sustainable form of winemaking.
  • Cover scan of Bloody Scotland
    Bloody Scotland
    Malcolm Archibald - Paperback - Black & White Publishing
    In the 19th century Scotland was depicted as a land of misty glens, engineering innovation and inventive genius. But Scotland was also the home of brutal murder, terrifying riots, child cruelty, bank robbery and acid attack. Women as well as men were capable of horrendous acts, and crime could strike anywhere: at home, on the road and even at sea. From the Borders to the Northern Isles, crime was never far away. Edinburgh, with its reputation for polite decorum, was also the scene of poisoning and savagery; the dark streets of industrial Glasgow and Dundee harboured thieves and muggers, while the villages of coast and country hid wild men and vicious women. This book exposes some of the crimes, remembered and forgotten, that rocked the Scotland of our ancestors.

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